29 Apr 2010

The One With The Tree Out There

Another one taken fr my iPhone.

Sent from my heart.

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26 Apr 2010

The Final Spin of The Floppy

I remember my college assignments, notes and sometimes "pictures" are stored in one of these what we loosely called as "disk". 1.44MB in one disk and when you insert it in the disk drives, you press your ears near to it and hear if it's spinning ;)

And after a few semesters, that disk start to "collect dust" and mold appears. Then we use a disk cleaner to clean it and hey... sometimes it doesn't work!

Now, most computer doesn't even comes with a disk drives and the USB drive you have probably is a min of 2GB. That's 2000times the size of a standard 3.5inch floppy disk like this!!!
And today, (not sure what took it so long) the remaining serious manufacturer are calling it  a day and will stop producing these memorable and iconic Floppy Diskettes :) Salute!

25 Apr 2010

The One With Regent's Park 2010

Oh Spring. The best time of the year, apparently. Flowers blooming. Sun shinning. And what else to do but start taking some flowery pictures? :)

The One With London Marathon 2010

At the 7th miles of the race, these are some of the familiar looks for the Virgin 2010 London Marathon;

17 Apr 2010

The One With My Lunch...

There are 2 types of pictures that I always see on FB, blog or any other social networking site. One, is those who switch their phone to the photo mode, stretch their arm as far as possible and smile... And I always realise that most of these are taken in the car!! ;)

And of course, the second one is FOOD!!! Here is one which I find it quite nice and was contented to be blessed with a very nice and filling lunch ;)

14 Apr 2010

Flashback... Where are they???

Chai Chuan... The one on the far left. And me. The one on the far right. But gosh... I feel really bad that I can't remember the rest of the dudes!

We had some wonderful time together during college days. They thought me how to speak mandarin, not that I've learned much :) These bunch thought me which mandarin singers to listen to. And not that I will listen singers other than Jacky Cheung. And I still remember, my very first cheese cake! Yah... I made cheese cakes then. Actually learned from Chai Chuan's wife.

So, anyone can help me to name and locate the rest of the gang??? Thx! And please don't laugh. I normally don't stand like that when I take pics ;) dam kayu man...

13 Apr 2010

The One With Your Tune Of Your Life...

How often have we surf the net, click with no sense of purpose and direction and suddenly some tune appear and your smiles is so sweet come directly from your heart? And this is the tune...


Anyone else has the same feeling? ;)

12 Apr 2010

The One With 5 Years Ago...

To quote from one of TVB series I never regret watching ;) 巾幗梟雄, there's this now famously catch phrase; "... 人生有幾多個十年..." I was reading back some of my old blogs and realized, hey... my first blog entry was exactly 5 years ago! (link).

Coupled with my sudden urge to migrate out from Xanga (I'll save it on my next blog on why), hence this will be my last post in Xanga and my very first post in Blogger. The official address is http://15dezember.blogspot.com (notice the ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ). Again, let's save another post on my this address ;)

Back to  "... 人生有幾多個十年...", yup... looking back for the past 5 years I took a very strange move to start blogging and probably blogging wasn't even in the dictionary then ;) But when I read back on some of my posts, really appreciate what I've written, in My Blog, My Thoughts, My Stories...

Will definitely like to write more often and hope to incorporate my photos portfolio in here as well. So stay tune ;)

Last but not least, a quote from first blog 5 years ago... ;

"... Don't ever leave the one you love for the one you like,
because the one you like will leave you for the one they love..." :) (can't recall who gave me this line).