28 Dec 2010

The First 5 Years

I'm not  Romeo. Definitely not a Prince. But if I am telling anyone my love story, I have a princess in mind. :)

She's amazingly pretty. With a stunning charm and a heart melting smile. Agreed not just by me and no one will disagree. And if there's anyone luckier than her to have me as her hubby, that will be me having her as my lovely wife.

5 years ago, a piece of paper officiate our love story. And that's just the preface. The chapters are building up and illustrated in such a harmony way.

There's no story which is without suspense and disagreement. We have penned it out in a right manner to close that chapter, for a new one. And oh mine, each one of it is getting better. Trust me. :)

If i have to answer how long will this story goes, I can cofidently reply that an ordinary ebook or kindle won't be able to fit our story in. It's not just the length of it for sure, it's the depth that will takes up the memory card :)

And for the many more 5th year anniversary to come, nahh... This is your love letter. This is our love story, at the very beginning of it.

26 Dec 2010

The One With Another My Way

Probably, this might be the best cover of My Way I've ever heard... And all these while I am not a fans of this local dude, Robbie Williams!

25 Dec 2010

Ho Ho Ho... Merry Christmas...

It's T-3

To wish is to Hope. Let's not just Hope. Let's HAVE A HAPPY Christmas and a Merry New Year! 2011... here we come!

19 Dec 2010

The One With The Snow In London

Frankly... The snow for the past few days has been amazing... Not for those who have to travel or for those who have stucked at the airport for more than 24 hours...

12 Dec 2010

The One With Istanbul

It's T-17.

Flight BA 676 swiftly brought me to a non EU country which are using euro as one of their currency apart from their own Turkish Lira and surprisingly U$ Dollar a$ well!!

A few facts that was "briefed" to me by some of my very friendly colleague from the Eurasia region;

1) There are 12 million people living in Istanbul and 70+ millions in turkey. That's bigger than UK!

2) 95% of resident in Istanbul are Muslim and 95% of them order wine or "raki" in the restaurant :) And dam those Raki, is like drinking spirit!

3) There are 2 bridges connecting Istanbul's "European" side to their "Asian" continent. And apparently, there's the furthest point of the Asian continent (need to confirm)

4) Being a Malaysian, when I spoke "assalamualakum", "walakum Salam" and inshallah actually freaked some people out :) and prompted them to ask, your Muslim name is quite unique :) 1Malaysia may have a new meaning now.

5) When they greet each other, they will kiss both side of the cheeks and knock both side if their head!! :)

6) Turkish ice cream might be the best ice cream apart of the best gelato from Italy!!!

Although didn't manage to visit any of the tourist spot, I think the traffic and the attitude of the burger king staff at the Ataturk airport will put me off from visiting Istanbul as a visitor.

But who knows, after 7 yrs ago I screwed up my chance to visit Istanbul, i'm there and here are some pictures for my future reference....

1 Dec 2010