12 Dec 2010

The One With Istanbul

It's T-17.

Flight BA 676 swiftly brought me to a non EU country which are using euro as one of their currency apart from their own Turkish Lira and surprisingly U$ Dollar a$ well!!

A few facts that was "briefed" to me by some of my very friendly colleague from the Eurasia region;

1) There are 12 million people living in Istanbul and 70+ millions in turkey. That's bigger than UK!

2) 95% of resident in Istanbul are Muslim and 95% of them order wine or "raki" in the restaurant :) And dam those Raki, is like drinking spirit!

3) There are 2 bridges connecting Istanbul's "European" side to their "Asian" continent. And apparently, there's the furthest point of the Asian continent (need to confirm)

4) Being a Malaysian, when I spoke "assalamualakum", "walakum Salam" and inshallah actually freaked some people out :) and prompted them to ask, your Muslim name is quite unique :) 1Malaysia may have a new meaning now.

5) When they greet each other, they will kiss both side of the cheeks and knock both side if their head!! :)

6) Turkish ice cream might be the best ice cream apart of the best gelato from Italy!!!

Although didn't manage to visit any of the tourist spot, I think the traffic and the attitude of the burger king staff at the Ataturk airport will put me off from visiting Istanbul as a visitor.

But who knows, after 7 yrs ago I screwed up my chance to visit Istanbul, i'm there and here are some pictures for my future reference....

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