24 May 2010

The One With Another Year, another BBQ

Oh yeah... Hot sun. Dry weather. On a Saturday and some people are free. What else to do? And somehow we have done it for the past 3 years ;)




Every year also chicken wings and delicious satay ;)

Notice the new addition at the top right side? ;) Welcome to BBQ 2010 Sophea Ooi... And oh, my S40 still works!

20 May 2010

The One With The Walking Guard

Do you like your job? Are you complaining everyday about it? Do you feel like changing your career? Why don't we ask him why is he doing this? ;)

16 May 2010

The One With David Tan Propose... In Venice :)

If Suet Ling is reading this, I'm sure how glad are we that Mei Li came to Europe and she said YES! ;)

To start talking about David Tan, I am not sure where to start. But if I was asked since when we knew each other, oh man... has it been 15/16 years already?? Oh man...

Anyway, glad you guys came and visit us and of course you came to London/Europe a single man and on top of those LV and Prada you are bringing back, you went home with a WIFE! :)

Both Lin W & I wish you all the best in planning your wonderful wedding and don't forget to come to Europe/London again for your honeymoon ya ;)

12 May 2010

The One With We Want Our Vote Back!

Nick Clegg & David Cameron (Source:bbc.co.uk)

This is utterly rubbish! Absolutely disgrace! And I sense a tat of cheating! We don't care! We want our vote back!

Come on! When you croxx the ballot paper last Thursday, clearly in your mind you will think that if I cross the red party and if they win, I will expect Mr Brown to govern. Blue for Mr Cameron and Yellow for Mr Clegg.

During the TV debate, they swear to god not to agree on each other's policies. They were convincing you with their policies so that you will vote that party. And when you have decided which policy you prefer, then you vote!

And why should we accept such coalition (result) when clearly what we've believed in when we vote doesn't come out to be what you have told us!

Simply say. We invested certain amount of money in let's say Volvo to build Volvo cars. We were told before that thru TV debate that they will build Volvo cars. Blardy hell, who knows after manufacturing, it came out a Vauxhall or a Skoda??!!

Mr Clegg. Mr Cameron. Whiter your principles? We want our vote back!

p/s: For the record, I "didn't" vote :)

11 May 2010

The One With The Prime Minister of The United Kingdom

Who else is not talking about them tonight?
source: Dailymail.co.uk

Good or bad, let face it. They have brought some good changes to the UK. As David Cameron said, "...the last decade, the Labour government has made Britain more open at home, and more compassionate abroad...".

Personally, all I can remember about them is 1) the war in Afgan, Iraq. 2) More tax, tax and tax. 3) Oh dam Gordon, have you ever thought of why the banks "really" failed?

Anyway, let's hope for the best for Mr Cameron and his team and hope he & his team is not another blardy Tory ;)

Source: dailymail.co.uk

5 May 2010

The One Before The UK Election 2010

Just type general election in any search engine, probably the first results you'll get is the on going UK general election. And indeed it's such an eye opener for me at least, to experience such event.

Politician being politician, they have their way to spin it to their advantage. And answering questions without actually answering it are part of their daily ritual. Between substance, voting for change and "real" change, these are the keywords being used by the 3 main parties, Labour, Conservertive and the Liberal Democrats.

Quite sure the 3 leaders are not really in talking terms, but at least they acted professionally when they have to :) Campaigning with a positive attitude. Life debate on TV were a great addition this election. And if I can loosely say, their ads are really creative too!

2 May 2010

The One With David Tan in London (I)

After months of planning, hundreds of emails and some wonderful blunders, welcome to London David Tan! Let's start with some pictures first until you return back to London in a couple of weeks time...