9 Jan 2011

The One With The Next 十年 (10 Years)

After the storm, sunlight will emerge, normally ;) That's probably why I have this bright tinkering light appearing on top of my head after 3 whole days on the bed :( Although the sun is up on this wonderful Sunday, the winter cold is still biting hard on my bones!

At the turn of the decade, let me put down some of my wish list for the next 10 years ;) Yupp... 10 years doesn't really seems so long these days... Hopefully if this blog still exist, I can look back and I will, to tick the boxes on my wishes that has came true... :)

1) Electric car - affordable & viable running cars. It should outsell gasoline cars.
2) Wireless - anything we can see wires in 2010, we should have the wireless alternatives
3) Broadband is slow ;) - there shall be a new name for a faster internet connection
4) Cameras - On-camera face tagging, full frame digital compact & 15 mega pix stills from video
5) Thin client in every house
6) Paperless, in every form of paper documents
7) Cash is not the main form of daily transactions
8) 3d tv goes "3d". Watching 3d without the glass. Hologram tv?
9) Unified and Standardized console platform.
10) Nuclear and clean energy at home :)

These might just be some sort of wish list. But im sure we can do it and looking forward to an exciting decade ahead! And to end this, I just can't get this out of my head when drafting this post...

"... 人生有幾多個十年..." ;)
Live it. Love it. Treasure it.

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