24 May 2011

The One With Obama in Town

Wow... Has it been that long I've never updated my blog? ;)

Let's see... Oh, Obama is in town. Yah.. Who doesn't know. Not like the one who put a "super injunction" on what he thinks he can cover up and thought, it's still 1980s... Dear Ryan, it's 2011 and the news we read on the paper every morning is at least 6 hours outdated! :) I think I've said this once too many.

Back to Barrack, son of Obama. Of course every news and every channel will talk about him. And probably the best time for Ryan where all the news about this son of Obama will buried his intention to cover up. And wonder if he will be playing for the Champions League tomorrow? My prediction, 2-1 to Barca :)

And being England, UK or Great Britain. No news is bigger than fashion. Yup... Forget about what's the whole purpose of these Yankees came with an entourage of apparently over a thousand (can't blame them as that poor fellar, son of Bin Laden was recently been "terminated"). In the news, online or offline many people are talking about what are the dresses of Mrs Obama. Yup! Dresses! Haih... probably being a dude, I'll never understand that.

(source: BBC.CO.UK)

Although, I have to say the dresses this time didn't look as nice as I thought I would be :)

Anyway... Using this opportunity to wish one of my ex colleagues whom has shared some wonderful moments with us during my CMM time. And both LW & myself wish youu couples a lifetime happiness. Yup.. It's you Victor. Nga Diong Teik ;) (and Joanne Teah).

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