5 Jul 2011

The Malaysian Dilemma III

In case you are wondering, why part 3? These are the links to my previous "Dilemmas" :)

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I think when we say Bersih in malay now, one will automatically think of the colour of my name :) Yellow or 黃. The recent Bersih "planned" event might not have ended in a way they thought it would be but all will agree that it has succeeded in delivering it's message.

The current government has to go.

I was struck by a comment left by a "Malaysian" when I left a small message in the Bersih's Facebook page. He said "... You sial cina...."

Instead of getting angry of that "Malaysian", I actually felt really sad. And within moments it has turned into disappointment, not at that "Malaysian" but at our current government.

1) After more than 30 yrs implementing the so called NEP that was
suppose to eradicate poverty among the Malays, they FAILED and created
more impoverished Malaysians.

2) The NEP was suppose to be the answer after the racial riot in 1969,
they FAILED and instead increased the hatred between races including
among the Malays.

3) The BN coalition was formed by 3 main parties riding on the fact
that they will behold the sovereignty of all races in Malaysia, they
FAILED and instead breed a "new" race of corrupted Malaysian not
just the "Putras" but also "ah WAH", "Vell Vell" and "the Taibs".

Some asked, why are the govt still in power?

There are no straight answer to that in my opinion. Combination of greed both power and rin$$it, the covered up by the media and "beautification" of the government by the media all these years and of course blatant abused on the most basic rule of democracy ; the separation of power.

In the past 30 years since the racial riots, not just that the separation of power
doesn't exist in Malaysia, the government even bought all mainstream medias and controlled the rest with some weird publishing Act, has the power to appoint judges (and demote them where they deem fit), demote the power of the monarchy and shout the rest as anarchists and now, blocked the reform for a fair
and clean election as witnessed in the recent use of the draconian Emergency Ordinance Act to detain people without trial who wore "yellow" shirts and demonised them as communists!!!


Anwar Ibrahim In London, July 2011

Can he leads the Pakatan Rakyat to turn Najib (& Rosmah) to become the opposition leader? 


Not until and unless we get ourselves together and realise what had happened for the past 30 years...

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