25 Sep 2011

The One With "A" Dream Comes True

You know, when we were young and probably naive. Watching a cartoon
character and really thought that character is real and when you
finally had a chance to meet that character, everything else seems
irrelevant. This little girl has just had a dream comes true :)

OMG... look at her face ( the little girl :), I think she will grows
up not forgetting this moment forever and same with me, I had my dream
came true as well!!!

Welcome to Disneyland! Although this wasn't the "Disney" that was
originally in my dream because I clearly don't recall Donald or Mickey
speaks "bonjour" or "s'il vous plaît merci"!!!!

But at least when I had my ears shut and looking at these famous
cartoon characters and the Disney princesses walk right through in
front of you, like that little girl, anything else is irrelevant. :)

Of course the little one is not just me as I brought along a little
Princess too :) Wiiiiiiiiiiiii

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