11 Sep 2011

The One With Happy Mid-Autumn a.k.a Good Bye Summer 2011

Wow... It's already September and what before we realise it, Christmas presents shopping might just be weeks away ;) Afterall, supermarkets are selling Christmas pudding already!

Alrite... summer's over. And yup, been lazy and busy and let's start blogging again. So, what happened during the summer?

That's probably it ;) Sunflowers invaded the apartment... Steve Jobs got "promoted" to become the Chairman ;) and of course, the real "image" of London. Apart from that, I think it's just a not too bad summer. Warmer than I remember compare to last year but, that's it!

And of course, they are these 3 little fellars...

Aren't they cute!!!

Anyway, these little kids will grow up well and start annoying people like us ;)

Finally, Happy Mid Autumn to all!

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