15 Jan 2012

The One With The Beginning of 2012


It's 2012 (already) and so far, no disaster yet :) Ooppss... Too negative. Let's start again.

It's 2012... and what a wonderful start of the year, so far! 

Let's skip all the shopping stories and go straight to what I've (I think) achieved so far... Yup, we are just at page 15 out of 366 and I have...

1) Bought a turtle neck shirt ;)
2) Clean up my voice
3) Started running (yay)
4) Got a new job! 
5) Expressed my love ;)))
6) Eat more Veg
7) Got another Casio
8) Upload at least 1 pic a day (I gave up after a few days in 2011 :()
9) And.... this!

Yup... While many are complaining about the Winter cold, for many photographers we do not have to wake up so early for the golden hour of the day ;)

Passed by Lambeth Bridge numerous time telling myself, one day I must wake up early to snap these view. AND I DID! (yay!)

2012 has just begun, and I am not going to make it, "just another year..."

Shall we?

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