15 Jun 2012

The One With The MacBook Air & MacBook Pro Prices

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Another community service :)

I believe by now everyone has their hands and heads on the latest and greatest MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and the "Next Generation" MacBook Pro with Retina display. Yup... Very nice indeed (on paper at least). And planning to get one too ;)

And while doing some research on the specs, naturally being a cina-pek (China man) I got to know this!

MacBook Air (June 2012 Model)

Macbook Pro (June 2012 Model)

Conclusion... Depending on where you are or where are you are planning to travel to, the same MacBook Pro can be either 29% more expensive (in the UK) or cheaper by more than 4% (in Malaysia) compare to the prices in North America. This is based on the exchange rate on 15th June 2012.

Full details on an Excel file at the link here... (link).

Hope this helps...

14 Jun 2012


This is a community service ;)

Recently, someone highlighted that their wonderful EOS 5D MKIII produces RAW images which appear to be soft and not as sharp as their previous EOS 5D MKII. 

Why? For me to know, for you to find out :) However, I've been informed that by updating your DPP to the latest version, it will solve that issue.

 Links to the site;

1) Europe - (Link)
2) USA - (Link)
3) Asia - (Link)

Hope this helps.

And wow... I have not been active in this blog for a long time. Let's start again soon!!