21 Sep 2012

The One With iPhone 5

Another September, and here we go, another iPhone. If you are counting since 2007, iPhone 5 is not the fifth iPhone by Apple.

Like Namewee said, "... u belum tengok u jangan panggil olang lain jangan pigi tengok ma...".

So with that in mind, I've tried to reserve my comment  about this phone since the introduction by Phil S last week... Until today...

My thoughts...

If you are using an iPhone 4 or 4s, I think you should keep the cash and wait for 5s. It's just feel so "iPhone 4" and the longer screen really doesn't make any sense. Yes, it does feel thinner and lighter. But hey... if you are paying 529 quid on this, I guess you want it to feel solid! And don't get me started on the "lightning" connector. WTF!!! Hasn't Apple heard of the port call "Micro USB" if they want to make it smaller??? 

Of course, of course... If we love Apple, we should knew from the beginning it would look "cool" to have a proprietary connector. And part of the success of Apple product is probably the eco-system it created on the accessories and etc... (yah yah... remember thunderbolt?? Still haven't seen any great acceptance yet!!)

Again, don't get me wrong, iOS 6 is a solid OS and since it's stil being supported on your iPhone 4/s, I still think you should hold on to your cash :)

What if you are buying a smartphone for the first time?

If you like Apple, go straight to the latest iPhone 5. Don't hesitate on whether to get the 4 or 4s. Before you knew it, iPhone 5s rumours will start within weeks :)

However, if you are new into the smartphone eco system and hasn't spend any money on the OS dependent Apps, the year is 2012 and it's a very different landscape compare to 2007 or 2008. Then, iPhone is probably the only logical choice if you are buying a smartphone.

Since then, there are many other great phones produced by HTC, Samsung, Motorola and Nokia... All the OS has since evolved to a stage where it should be easy to use for anyone picking their first smartphone. And most of the common apps are available throughout all the OS platforms.

So choose the phone that you feel right on your hand. Don't listen to fanboys/girls like us ;) 

Last but not least, I noticed someone actually pre-order it earlier and get their iPhone 5 delivered early in the morning. Maybe that's why so many people are "sick" today staying at home "ahem.." waiting for an important package. But isn't part of the fun of an iPhone is to queue up for hours and hours like this??? :)

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