15 Jan 2012

The One With The Beginning of 2012


It's 2012 (already) and so far, no disaster yet :) Ooppss... Too negative. Let's start again.

It's 2012... and what a wonderful start of the year, so far! 

Let's skip all the shopping stories and go straight to what I've (I think) achieved so far... Yup, we are just at page 15 out of 366 and I have...

1) Bought a turtle neck shirt ;)
2) Clean up my voice
3) Started running (yay)
4) Got a new job! 
5) Expressed my love ;)))
6) Eat more Veg
7) Got another Casio
8) Upload at least 1 pic a day (I gave up after a few days in 2011 :()
9) And.... this!

Yup... While many are complaining about the Winter cold, for many photographers we do not have to wake up so early for the golden hour of the day ;)

Passed by Lambeth Bridge numerous time telling myself, one day I must wake up early to snap these view. AND I DID! (yay!)

2012 has just begun, and I am not going to make it, "just another year..."

Shall we?

9 Jan 2012

The One That Melts...

Some say... It melts.

My wife said it melts in the mouth.

I think it melts in the heart too... :)

And also in the stomach...

Thanks Joyce... It was gone even before you reach Dubai...:)

7 Jan 2012

The One With #TFL Failed!

Dear TFL,

Year in, year out. You said... ".... we need to increase your fare to improve our service and ensure our hi-tech equipment are maintained properly..."

Yah rite!!!

5 Jan 2012

The One With Tokyo Banana

I have to say, most of us in my office have been pampered with food often brought in from visitors or colleagues who have just came back from their holidays or business trips. From chocolates to sweets and from bacon and "Dog poop"! :)

But one stand out from the rest is this...

4 Jan 2012

The One On Carnaby Street in London

One of my favourite shopping place that showcase the London culture...

3 Jan 2012

The One With Branding

I bet half of the population in this World has problem pronouncing this company's name. But the power of branding has push this company to be one of the World's most popular premium brand... This is the power of Branding... :)

1 Jan 2012

The One With Joyce In London

In November 2011;

Me: Joyce... when are you going to visit me??
Joyce: Ok la... Will plan and let you know
Me: Ok.. (hmmm... maybe another few years?)

In December 2011;

Joyce: Hey...
Me: Wassup?
Joyce: I've bought my ticket to London!
Me: OOooo... Nice... When? Next summer?
Joyce: Oh.. No... In 2 week's time...
Me: You meant 2 months?
Joyce: No!!! In 2 weeks!!!

Yup... And Joyce did came to London and here she is!

Ok. True to what she has always been, mysterious and low profile I guess I shouldn't point who in this picture is Joyce ;) (psssst.. the pretty one ;)

Although we have known each other for more than X years (ooppss... age indication?), her quick action amazes me ;) Not the best time of the year to see London, but definitely best season of the year to experience the buzzing London shopping for Christmas. Without going into details how long had she shopped on Boxing day, I am pretty sure she has enjoyed her purchases throughout Oxford St :) Right?

Anyway, hope you enjoyed London, Windsor, Cambridge, Stonehenge, Bath and of course, Brixton ;) Really glad you came and visit and see you soon Joyce....