28 Dec 2010

The First 5 Years

I'm not  Romeo. Definitely not a Prince. But if I am telling anyone my love story, I have a princess in mind. :)

She's amazingly pretty. With a stunning charm and a heart melting smile. Agreed not just by me and no one will disagree. And if there's anyone luckier than her to have me as her hubby, that will be me having her as my lovely wife.

5 years ago, a piece of paper officiate our love story. And that's just the preface. The chapters are building up and illustrated in such a harmony way.

There's no story which is without suspense and disagreement. We have penned it out in a right manner to close that chapter, for a new one. And oh mine, each one of it is getting better. Trust me. :)

If i have to answer how long will this story goes, I can cofidently reply that an ordinary ebook or kindle won't be able to fit our story in. It's not just the length of it for sure, it's the depth that will takes up the memory card :)

And for the many more 5th year anniversary to come, nahh... This is your love letter. This is our love story, at the very beginning of it.

26 Dec 2010

The One With Another My Way

Probably, this might be the best cover of My Way I've ever heard... And all these while I am not a fans of this local dude, Robbie Williams!

25 Dec 2010

Ho Ho Ho... Merry Christmas...

It's T-3

To wish is to Hope. Let's not just Hope. Let's HAVE A HAPPY Christmas and a Merry New Year! 2011... here we come!

19 Dec 2010

The One With The Snow In London

Frankly... The snow for the past few days has been amazing... Not for those who have to travel or for those who have stucked at the airport for more than 24 hours...

12 Dec 2010

The One With Istanbul

It's T-17.

Flight BA 676 swiftly brought me to a non EU country which are using euro as one of their currency apart from their own Turkish Lira and surprisingly U$ Dollar a$ well!!

A few facts that was "briefed" to me by some of my very friendly colleague from the Eurasia region;

1) There are 12 million people living in Istanbul and 70+ millions in turkey. That's bigger than UK!

2) 95% of resident in Istanbul are Muslim and 95% of them order wine or "raki" in the restaurant :) And dam those Raki, is like drinking spirit!

3) There are 2 bridges connecting Istanbul's "European" side to their "Asian" continent. And apparently, there's the furthest point of the Asian continent (need to confirm)

4) Being a Malaysian, when I spoke "assalamualakum", "walakum Salam" and inshallah actually freaked some people out :) and prompted them to ask, your Muslim name is quite unique :) 1Malaysia may have a new meaning now.

5) When they greet each other, they will kiss both side of the cheeks and knock both side if their head!! :)

6) Turkish ice cream might be the best ice cream apart of the best gelato from Italy!!!

Although didn't manage to visit any of the tourist spot, I think the traffic and the attitude of the burger king staff at the Ataturk airport will put me off from visiting Istanbul as a visitor.

But who knows, after 7 yrs ago I screwed up my chance to visit Istanbul, i'm there and here are some pictures for my future reference....

1 Dec 2010

17 Nov 2010

The One With Rome II & Candy's Birthday

Ok. Second time in Rome and the city is still as beautiful as we left 2 yrs ago. Surprisingly this time no one tell me about this phrase "Rome wasn't built in one day..." if anyone tell me that, I'll look a at them and say, " duh!! Teluk intan also not built in one day la!! :)

Anyway, a couple of things I noticed in this trip.

1st. Italian doesn't know how to use TomTom!
2nd. Roads were built for horses hence no lines are needed!
3rd. Italian can really talk non stop. Non stop probably is an understatement.!!
4th. Mozzarella cheese are made of buffalo milk (ya, I didn't know that and also buffalo produce milk).
5th. Hopefully Francois not reading this. Buffalo and cow are 2 different animal :)
6th. Apparently, punctuality is not in the Italiano dictionary. And they said the Germans are too serious :)
7th.  My god/pope!!! They really can eat!!! Typical dinner "process"  Wine and sparkling water. Antipasti ( meat, cheese, bread with basaltic vinegar).  Main meal (usually pasta).  Second meal (usually meat). All these are on individual plate and the portion are
Not small!! Dessert ( gelato, tiramissu). Espresso. And wine. Oh gosh, I refuse to weight myself when I'm back home.

Home. What a typical flight journey I have. Yup, another delay and am still waiting.

Last but not least, Happy Birthday to my dear friend Candy Wong. I'm sure the coming year will be a better yr for you and everybody. Have a blast!!

13 Nov 2010

The One With UAY...

After more than 30 mths of joy ride, splendid destination and magnificent driving experience, I have sold my first car in the UK, which My wife loosely called it UAY :)

I know. It's not a Beemer. Nor it's a proper 5 dr saloon. But for the past nearly 3 yrs, this small wonder has broaden my UK horizon, helped to shift my house and others too and accompanied many visitors in the UK.

I might not miss this as much as my 9839, but certainly it has left a very long tire trail in my heart :)

Ardios my UAY!!

7 Nov 2010

The One With November, November...

Or is it remember remember, the fifth of November? :) still don't give a damn on what's Bon fire all about. But on the way back yesterday I just realized, wow, has it been the 4th Bon fire since we first came to the UK? Gosh...

Anyway, had a walk near to the Olympic park and managed to snap this...

Yup.. It's real!! Olympics 2012 is getting real and near :) some how it reminds me of Bukit Jalil in 1997 when KL hosted the 1998 Commonwealth games. And wow!!! Has it been 12 years since then??? Goshh...

I think I've been a bit negative in this post. Let end with some great news. Yup... Christmas is just weeks away and it's always fun and exciting leading towards the holiday season. And of cos, my birthday!!! And and... Ermmm... Has it been our 5th anniversary already???Stay tune...

26 Oct 2010

The Last Spun of Walkman and Paul de Sotong

There is no doubt. Apple's iPod in 2001 has revolutionized how we listen to music, forever.

However, it's not Apple who started the evolution. Nor it's Napster who redefine the industry. It's all started when we WALK with our music collection on our WALKMAN.

Remember that wobbly cassettes tape?
Remember that alcohol cleaner?
The red "rec" button on almost every WALKMAN?
That spare AA batteries you bring around?
And of course, mixed tapes!!

Like iPod, since 1979 WALKMAN is the loose term for all portable music cassette player. I remember there's once my friend who work in Panasonic and I asked, what's your WALKMAN range like? Of course the reply was less than amusing and briefly ended with, WALKMAN is Sony's trademark laaaa!!!

Anyway, I think like many others of my generation (and before) WALKMAN is part of our life and it will ever be.

(source: http://commons.wikimedia.org)

Last but not least, remember Paul de sotong? Yah.. Probably when it predicted the world cup matches, it saw it coming. RIP Paul de Sotong.


3 Oct 2010

The One With Scotland (II)

Not to spoil the peaceful pictures of Skye... It's just simply amazing how these places can be so peaceful both when we were there and in the pictures. Click on the picture to see the full size of it. :) And hope you like it...

15 Sep 2010

The One With Utusan's Front Page

If this is not seditious, what is??!!

Is 1Malaysia just another "number"?

Is this a challenge to all Non-Malays to start fighting with our beloved Malay neighbours and good friends at school, colleges & workplace?

8 Sep 2010

The One With Hari Raya 2010

Wishing all Muslims & friends a happy and safe Hari Raya Aidilfitri dan semoga Syawal menjelang membawa kemakmuran negara dan kestabilan bangsa negara.

Gosh.. I have to start writing more in Bahasa Melayu ;) 1Malaysia ma...

Choon Heng & L. Wan

30 Aug 2010

The One With Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

After a long break from blogging, I am back! And it's not easy to compose a sentence after a while not writing anything!

Looking back since my last post, nothing much had happened actually apart from the wonderful summer we had in London which ended with a blast of cold wind and torrential rain! Gosh.. can't imagine we are heading to another autumn in London and can't wait for the next holiday. Wait... we just had one today and the next one.. is.. errr... Christmas?? Arrrgghhhhh.... Is it another Christmas already??? wooot??!!

Haha.. Before I freak myself out, let's take a moment to celebrate Malaysia's 53rd Independence Day... To all Malaysian, we look forward for a better Malaysia.

Finally, I am still ecstatic to have found a long lost friend.. In fact, a long lost couple who have shared some wonderful times with me during my college days... And yeah, if you are reading this, Chin Kee and Eileen, I'm talking about you! ;)

Oh oh... Somehow, this song just can't get out from my head!!

21 Jul 2010

The One With May Ling Turning 18... Again!

Hmmm...  Dear May Ling. Don't be too stressed up yah. Look at the bright side, you are turning 18!!, again :)

Anyway, hope you had an eventful day in your office and I am sure you are the sunshine in your office on your big day :)

Happy Birthday my friend :p

As you can see the link below, I've written about you last year and both LW & I hope to continue writing this, ever year ;) And hope I can surprise you with more of all these "hidden" pictures which I am sure you have already forgotten about it.

The One With Jung ML 2009

14 Jul 2010

Canon Powershot S90 vs IXUS 300HS (Buttons)

Ok. This is part 2 of my first ever review on a camera and to bring it make sense of it all, I'm not going to look into very technical details as I am sure everyone have heard of dpreview.com ;) And I just realised that their office is just 2 tubes away from mine!

Anyway, many users might want to know how user friendly it is using these cameras. Frankly, I'm not the best person to judge this because I've been using Canon since the very first camera I can afford. So User Interface (UI) judgment from me is rather bias. So let's look at the buttons ;)

1) Canon Powershot S90

Looks normal right. I mean, you have all the buttons that you will expect. 4 Main Buttons (Shortcut, Play, Display & Menu) and 4 navigational pad with the usual suspects (Macro, Exposure Compensation, Flash and delete/timer). Notice the MF button indicates the Manual Focus toggle which allow users to manually focus the shot especially when shooting under extreme situation where the camera metering doesn't pick up the shot to your preference. And this is something very useful even for amateur like me ;)

Of course, the "Ring" around the navigational buttons are used to scroll thru options and menu. Take note, there's an additional Ring in the front part of the camera which has proven to be very useful among many users. And being the "S" series of the Powershot, both Rings are used collaboratively to ensure user has the best settings on every shot adjusting aperture, shutter speed, exposure, etc using the rings.

However, the scroll ring at the back of the camera is "too loose" and because it's a compact camera I tend to accidentally change the settings thru the loose ring :(

2) Canon IXUS 300HS/ Powershot SD4000 IS

Oh boy. Someone at Canon is trying to be a "minimalist" designer. Looks very clean and simple. Too simple in my opinion. The 2 buttons are the Play and the Menu button. The Scroll Ring is of course for us to scroll thru the menus and settings. What happened to those common buttons like flash settings and the macro on/off button?

Indeed there are! The Scroll Ring is also a 4 way navigational button. It's just that the designer at Canon forgot to put the labels on the camera! Instead, everytime you switch on the camera or when you press the navigational button, the camera will give you an on-screen label telling you what they are. Hmmmmm.....

I really like the minimalist design of the IXUS. And the Scroll ring feels much better on the IXUS compare to the S90. But the lack of what we "non-designer" call as "Labels" are really an amusing exception.

On the other hand, despite the "almost no friction" scroll wheel on the back of the S90, the front scroll wheel really makes changing settings really easy and feels good. The buttons are big enough even for my fat fingers and the clear labels indicating what they are is a no brainer for me to say, 1-0 to the S90 ;)

So, Round 2 to the Powershot S90, means now we are 1-1! Hope I will make time soon for my next part of the review.

Part #1: Video Quality

12 Jul 2010

Canon Powershot S90 vs IXUS 300HS (Video)

Took slightly longer for me to post this, but hope it helps. If you remember, I was trying to decide which camera to buy when I stumble upon this 2 great cameras.

The Canon Powershot S90 or IXUS 300HS? Let's start today with the brief comparison on the video I took with each of these wonderful camera.

1) Canon Powershot S90

2) Canon IXUS 300HS/ Powershot SD4000 IS

Although the S90 has a bigger sensor, from what I understood is that the sensor in the S90 does not support HD video technically. Why? Maybe someone can tell me ;)

Visibly we can see the IXUS 300HS with it's HD video capability outshine the video quality of the S90. No doubt about it.

HOWEVER, if your ear is sharp enough you can listen to the "mechanical" sound produced when I was zooming with the IXUS 300HS. This is however not existence on the S90. Why? Again, maybe someone can also tell me why! ;)

So? My verdict is, 1-0 to the IXUS 300HS. If video quality is something important I will go for the IXUS 300HS.

Part #2: Buttons

11 Jul 2010

Tears for the Winner, Tears for the Loser.

And Yes! Spain is the reigning Euro Cup champion that also the new FIFA World Cup 2010 Winner!


7 Jul 2010

The One With 葡萄成熟時

This song... Erm...
The lyrics... Errr...
Meaning??? Hmmm...
Let's just say, it's a good song and for those who understand fully this song, please explain to me ;)
If I understand this correctly, errr... hmmm.... Gosh.. just listen la! ;)

6 Jul 2010

The One With The Tree

Coincidentally, I was talking about The Green Green Grass yesterday ;). Today we had a lunch walkaround photoshoot and look! I got myself a shot of the tree outside my office!

Apart from portraits, somehow tree will be my next favourite subject to shoot.  Maybe it's fresh. Maybe it's the green leafs. Maybe it's the strength. Maybe, all of us should learn from the tree ;)

5 Jul 2010

The One With The Green Green Grass of Home

You know there's this tune you have in your mind that you know it so well, but it just won't come to your head when you want to remember it? This is one of it which I accidentally bumped into through YouTube (where else ;).

Surprisingly, the guy who sang this wonderful classic is called Tom Jones, which I've heard of him before but never had thought he is the one singing The Green Green Grass of Home. And through YouTube, let me share this song with you (and me) the 4 different "generation" of this song that he sang. Enjoy...

28 Jun 2010

The One With No GOAL!

I got this when I check my work email this morning and I guess everyone knew which country sent it to me ;)

22 Jun 2010

The One With Canon Powershot S90 vs IXUS 300HS: Prologue

I was interested with the Canon Powershot S90. And recently Canon launched the new IXUS 300HS which has quite similar features with the S90 and I was wondering which one to get.

Tried searching the web and nothing much came up to give me a conclusive opinion. So instead of finding the answer from the web, I thought why not I do it myself!! Since I have the opportunity to have access to both cameras, I will try to solve my own question.

Canon Powershot S90 or Canon Ixus 300HS? More to come this weekend... (if World cup permits ;) Here's a coupe of shots taken this afternoon by their respective contender.

Part #1: Video Quality

Part #2: Buttons

20 Jun 2010

The One With Random Pictures

Ok... Just got hold of my brother's G9 and hey... it's kinda heavy for a compact camera! ;) It's also feel very solid but bulky :( Anyway, utilized it on a productive Saturday and 3 pictures out of the not so many I took ;)

Departure Hall - Yup.. another airport trip. Standing there watching the reactions of people in the airport is pretty amazing. There are tears of happiness. Tears of missing the love ones. Tears of starting a new journey somewhere else.

Elephant in London. Seriously, I've noticed these little mammoth are everywhere around London. Parks. Streets. Everywhere.. hmmm...

And finally, I had my hand on the iPad at last. First impression, errrr.... I felt like holding the screen of my Macbook with a touch screen and without the keyboard! ;) If it's half the price probably it might be a good buy. But even at the current price, it's selling like the face mask during the H1N1 outbreak!

18 Jun 2010

The One With 11 England Players

Tonight was my first time spending the whole "half-time" watching World cup football match, between England and Algeria. For the record, it's 0-0. Haih....

I'm not a football fan at all. And when people ask me which country I support, I always tell them that I'm a great supporter of "good football". I am true to it and will always be.

BUT TONIGHT! gosh... from my minimal understanding of this game, all I have to say is England send 11 players on the field, and not 1 team.

Af if all 11 players are playing for their English clubs. No connection. No feel! ;) And they played like a team that never practice before.

All the best ENGLAND in your next match. As the commentator trying their best to hide their disappointment, one thing they said which is still true is that at least ENGLAND is still in control of their World Cup destiny. They win the next match, they proceed. They lose, they will board the next BA flights (hopefully no strike ;) so quick that they don't even want to remember World Cup 2010!

17 Jun 2010

The One With Victor Nga

Oh boy.. oh boy! I think your boyish look will stay forever man. You are like the same since 2003!!! (the yr we took this pic!)

Can't find any other "nice" picture to show la so, hope this pic will remind you of your great days in CMM ;)

Happy birthday Vic and hope you had a blasting day (yesterday). If I can wish for something for your next birthday, please stop collecting angpow next year and start giving soon!

14 Jun 2010

The One With Ooi Chui See

Ok la... You scolded me last year say why I never write about you on your birthday, this year ma write lo ;) And you are the first birthday girl in my new blog :)

Happy Birthday Chui See. Wishing you all well ends well, all luck come come. All ONG share share ya... ;)

Not sure what to write to be frank since we have lost touch for so long. We've known each other for as long as I could remember. But it's amazing how we have crossed path through these years. Hope we can be in touch as long as we could and still haven't had a chance to meet your wonderful twins! Envy envy...

Source: Your facebook.com ;) Come on la... The other best picture I can find is this! So next time you don't simply scold ppl ya ;)

13 Jun 2010

The One With The Arrival Hall

It has not been often that I go to the airport and wait for someone :)
but in one of the busiest airport in the world, im amaZed it could be
this empty... Welcome to London bro!

12 Jun 2010

The One With Cha Cha Moon

I found this picture on my phone and yes.... That will be my lunch
place today!