26 Apr 2010

The Final Spin of The Floppy

I remember my college assignments, notes and sometimes "pictures" are stored in one of these what we loosely called as "disk". 1.44MB in one disk and when you insert it in the disk drives, you press your ears near to it and hear if it's spinning ;)

And after a few semesters, that disk start to "collect dust" and mold appears. Then we use a disk cleaner to clean it and hey... sometimes it doesn't work!

Now, most computer doesn't even comes with a disk drives and the USB drive you have probably is a min of 2GB. That's 2000times the size of a standard 3.5inch floppy disk like this!!!
And today, (not sure what took it so long) the remaining serious manufacturer are calling it  a day and will stop producing these memorable and iconic Floppy Diskettes :) Salute!

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