12 Apr 2010

The One With 5 Years Ago...

To quote from one of TVB series I never regret watching ;) 巾幗梟雄, there's this now famously catch phrase; "... 人生有幾多個十年..." I was reading back some of my old blogs and realized, hey... my first blog entry was exactly 5 years ago! (link).

Coupled with my sudden urge to migrate out from Xanga (I'll save it on my next blog on why), hence this will be my last post in Xanga and my very first post in Blogger. The official address is http://15dezember.blogspot.com (notice the ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ). Again, let's save another post on my this address ;)

Back to  "... 人生有幾多個十年...", yup... looking back for the past 5 years I took a very strange move to start blogging and probably blogging wasn't even in the dictionary then ;) But when I read back on some of my posts, really appreciate what I've written, in My Blog, My Thoughts, My Stories...

Will definitely like to write more often and hope to incorporate my photos portfolio in here as well. So stay tune ;)

Last but not least, a quote from first blog 5 years ago... ;

"... Don't ever leave the one you love for the one you like,
because the one you like will leave you for the one they love..." :) (can't recall who gave me this line).

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