12 May 2010

The One With We Want Our Vote Back!

Nick Clegg & David Cameron (Source:bbc.co.uk)

This is utterly rubbish! Absolutely disgrace! And I sense a tat of cheating! We don't care! We want our vote back!

Come on! When you croxx the ballot paper last Thursday, clearly in your mind you will think that if I cross the red party and if they win, I will expect Mr Brown to govern. Blue for Mr Cameron and Yellow for Mr Clegg.

During the TV debate, they swear to god not to agree on each other's policies. They were convincing you with their policies so that you will vote that party. And when you have decided which policy you prefer, then you vote!

And why should we accept such coalition (result) when clearly what we've believed in when we vote doesn't come out to be what you have told us!

Simply say. We invested certain amount of money in let's say Volvo to build Volvo cars. We were told before that thru TV debate that they will build Volvo cars. Blardy hell, who knows after manufacturing, it came out a Vauxhall or a Skoda??!!

Mr Clegg. Mr Cameron. Whiter your principles? We want our vote back!

p/s: For the record, I "didn't" vote :)

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