29 Jun 2010

The One With Maha Chaplin

Maha Chaplin on 365 Project

28 Jun 2010

The One With No GOAL!

I got this when I check my work email this morning and I guess everyone knew which country sent it to me ;)

22 Jun 2010

The One With Canon Powershot S90 vs IXUS 300HS: Prologue

I was interested with the Canon Powershot S90. And recently Canon launched the new IXUS 300HS which has quite similar features with the S90 and I was wondering which one to get.

Tried searching the web and nothing much came up to give me a conclusive opinion. So instead of finding the answer from the web, I thought why not I do it myself!! Since I have the opportunity to have access to both cameras, I will try to solve my own question.

Canon Powershot S90 or Canon Ixus 300HS? More to come this weekend... (if World cup permits ;) Here's a coupe of shots taken this afternoon by their respective contender.

Part #1: Video Quality

Part #2: Buttons

20 Jun 2010

The One With Random Pictures

Ok... Just got hold of my brother's G9 and hey... it's kinda heavy for a compact camera! ;) It's also feel very solid but bulky :( Anyway, utilized it on a productive Saturday and 3 pictures out of the not so many I took ;)

Departure Hall - Yup.. another airport trip. Standing there watching the reactions of people in the airport is pretty amazing. There are tears of happiness. Tears of missing the love ones. Tears of starting a new journey somewhere else.

Elephant in London. Seriously, I've noticed these little mammoth are everywhere around London. Parks. Streets. Everywhere.. hmmm...

And finally, I had my hand on the iPad at last. First impression, errrr.... I felt like holding the screen of my Macbook with a touch screen and without the keyboard! ;) If it's half the price probably it might be a good buy. But even at the current price, it's selling like the face mask during the H1N1 outbreak!

18 Jun 2010

The One With 11 England Players

Tonight was my first time spending the whole "half-time" watching World cup football match, between England and Algeria. For the record, it's 0-0. Haih....

I'm not a football fan at all. And when people ask me which country I support, I always tell them that I'm a great supporter of "good football". I am true to it and will always be.

BUT TONIGHT! gosh... from my minimal understanding of this game, all I have to say is England send 11 players on the field, and not 1 team.

Af if all 11 players are playing for their English clubs. No connection. No feel! ;) And they played like a team that never practice before.

All the best ENGLAND in your next match. As the commentator trying their best to hide their disappointment, one thing they said which is still true is that at least ENGLAND is still in control of their World Cup destiny. They win the next match, they proceed. They lose, they will board the next BA flights (hopefully no strike ;) so quick that they don't even want to remember World Cup 2010!

17 Jun 2010

The One With Victor Nga

Oh boy.. oh boy! I think your boyish look will stay forever man. You are like the same since 2003!!! (the yr we took this pic!)

Can't find any other "nice" picture to show la so, hope this pic will remind you of your great days in CMM ;)

Happy birthday Vic and hope you had a blasting day (yesterday). If I can wish for something for your next birthday, please stop collecting angpow next year and start giving soon!

14 Jun 2010

The One With Ooi Chui See

Ok la... You scolded me last year say why I never write about you on your birthday, this year ma write lo ;) And you are the first birthday girl in my new blog :)

Happy Birthday Chui See. Wishing you all well ends well, all luck come come. All ONG share share ya... ;)

Not sure what to write to be frank since we have lost touch for so long. We've known each other for as long as I could remember. But it's amazing how we have crossed path through these years. Hope we can be in touch as long as we could and still haven't had a chance to meet your wonderful twins! Envy envy...

Source: Your facebook.com ;) Come on la... The other best picture I can find is this! So next time you don't simply scold ppl ya ;)

13 Jun 2010

The One With The Arrival Hall

It has not been often that I go to the airport and wait for someone :)
but in one of the busiest airport in the world, im amaZed it could be
this empty... Welcome to London bro!

12 Jun 2010

The One With Cha Cha Moon

I found this picture on my phone and yes.... That will be my lunch
place today!

7 Jun 2010

The One With... What else! WWDC 2010

Every year, for any working adults from the age of 18 till 45 (i think) are looking forward to 2 events whether they like it or not and whether they are in whichever country.

1. Budget. Listening to so call the Financial expects telling us about the deficits, incomes from taxes and how they have used our money to run the country. Smokers will be anxious waiting to find out how much the coming year will affect their pocket every month. Motorist will find out how much more the government is going to suck our hard earned money in the pretext of reducing deficit for the future.

And of course, the 2nd event most anticipated by any working adults;

(source: Engaget.com)

To some, he is a god. And to many he is probably the best ever "boss" which we have ever seen before, probably none to others. 

Oh yeah... Steve Jobs. 

Another year, another WWDC and another iPhone! I'm not going to eleborate much about this over-hyped event of the year and probably  when you type iPhone in any search engine, the results could reach trillions ;) But one thing I have to say is if you look at their ads, how much "emotion" they have used to entice current users to stay and new users to suck into this never ending "trap" of "the dark side" of technology ;)

4 Jun 2010

The One Time Hit Song - 好心分手

I think what I wanted to say today has been clearly transpired by this wonderful note once being the song of the year and has made so many people think, it's probably just right to do just this...