18 Jun 2010

The One With 11 England Players

Tonight was my first time spending the whole "half-time" watching World cup football match, between England and Algeria. For the record, it's 0-0. Haih....

I'm not a football fan at all. And when people ask me which country I support, I always tell them that I'm a great supporter of "good football". I am true to it and will always be.

BUT TONIGHT! gosh... from my minimal understanding of this game, all I have to say is England send 11 players on the field, and not 1 team.

Af if all 11 players are playing for their English clubs. No connection. No feel! ;) And they played like a team that never practice before.

All the best ENGLAND in your next match. As the commentator trying their best to hide their disappointment, one thing they said which is still true is that at least ENGLAND is still in control of their World Cup destiny. They win the next match, they proceed. They lose, they will board the next BA flights (hopefully no strike ;) so quick that they don't even want to remember World Cup 2010!


  1. AnonymousJune 22, 2010

    I don't know why but I always thought England was really good in football or soccer, as WE call it. ;P But I can't believe you guys did't kick our butts!

  2. You said it right, ENGLAND should have played much better but they just sucked on that night. Btw, I noticed you have switched platform as well ;)