14 Jun 2010

The One With Ooi Chui See

Ok la... You scolded me last year say why I never write about you on your birthday, this year ma write lo ;) And you are the first birthday girl in my new blog :)

Happy Birthday Chui See. Wishing you all well ends well, all luck come come. All ONG share share ya... ;)

Not sure what to write to be frank since we have lost touch for so long. We've known each other for as long as I could remember. But it's amazing how we have crossed path through these years. Hope we can be in touch as long as we could and still haven't had a chance to meet your wonderful twins! Envy envy...

Source: Your facebook.com ;) Come on la... The other best picture I can find is this! So next time you don't simply scold ppl ya ;)

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