20 Jun 2010

The One With Random Pictures

Ok... Just got hold of my brother's G9 and hey... it's kinda heavy for a compact camera! ;) It's also feel very solid but bulky :( Anyway, utilized it on a productive Saturday and 3 pictures out of the not so many I took ;)

Departure Hall - Yup.. another airport trip. Standing there watching the reactions of people in the airport is pretty amazing. There are tears of happiness. Tears of missing the love ones. Tears of starting a new journey somewhere else.

Elephant in London. Seriously, I've noticed these little mammoth are everywhere around London. Parks. Streets. Everywhere.. hmmm...

And finally, I had my hand on the iPad at last. First impression, errrr.... I felt like holding the screen of my Macbook with a touch screen and without the keyboard! ;) If it's half the price probably it might be a good buy. But even at the current price, it's selling like the face mask during the H1N1 outbreak!

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