7 Jun 2010

The One With... What else! WWDC 2010

Every year, for any working adults from the age of 18 till 45 (i think) are looking forward to 2 events whether they like it or not and whether they are in whichever country.

1. Budget. Listening to so call the Financial expects telling us about the deficits, incomes from taxes and how they have used our money to run the country. Smokers will be anxious waiting to find out how much the coming year will affect their pocket every month. Motorist will find out how much more the government is going to suck our hard earned money in the pretext of reducing deficit for the future.

And of course, the 2nd event most anticipated by any working adults;

(source: Engaget.com)

To some, he is a god. And to many he is probably the best ever "boss" which we have ever seen before, probably none to others. 

Oh yeah... Steve Jobs. 

Another year, another WWDC and another iPhone! I'm not going to eleborate much about this over-hyped event of the year and probably  when you type iPhone in any search engine, the results could reach trillions ;) But one thing I have to say is if you look at their ads, how much "emotion" they have used to entice current users to stay and new users to suck into this never ending "trap" of "the dark side" of technology ;)

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