21 Jul 2010

The One With May Ling Turning 18... Again!

Hmmm...  Dear May Ling. Don't be too stressed up yah. Look at the bright side, you are turning 18!!, again :)

Anyway, hope you had an eventful day in your office and I am sure you are the sunshine in your office on your big day :)

Happy Birthday my friend :p

As you can see the link below, I've written about you last year and both LW & I hope to continue writing this, ever year ;) And hope I can surprise you with more of all these "hidden" pictures which I am sure you have already forgotten about it.

The One With Jung ML 2009

14 Jul 2010

Canon Powershot S90 vs IXUS 300HS (Buttons)

Ok. This is part 2 of my first ever review on a camera and to bring it make sense of it all, I'm not going to look into very technical details as I am sure everyone have heard of dpreview.com ;) And I just realised that their office is just 2 tubes away from mine!

Anyway, many users might want to know how user friendly it is using these cameras. Frankly, I'm not the best person to judge this because I've been using Canon since the very first camera I can afford. So User Interface (UI) judgment from me is rather bias. So let's look at the buttons ;)

1) Canon Powershot S90

Looks normal right. I mean, you have all the buttons that you will expect. 4 Main Buttons (Shortcut, Play, Display & Menu) and 4 navigational pad with the usual suspects (Macro, Exposure Compensation, Flash and delete/timer). Notice the MF button indicates the Manual Focus toggle which allow users to manually focus the shot especially when shooting under extreme situation where the camera metering doesn't pick up the shot to your preference. And this is something very useful even for amateur like me ;)

Of course, the "Ring" around the navigational buttons are used to scroll thru options and menu. Take note, there's an additional Ring in the front part of the camera which has proven to be very useful among many users. And being the "S" series of the Powershot, both Rings are used collaboratively to ensure user has the best settings on every shot adjusting aperture, shutter speed, exposure, etc using the rings.

However, the scroll ring at the back of the camera is "too loose" and because it's a compact camera I tend to accidentally change the settings thru the loose ring :(

2) Canon IXUS 300HS/ Powershot SD4000 IS

Oh boy. Someone at Canon is trying to be a "minimalist" designer. Looks very clean and simple. Too simple in my opinion. The 2 buttons are the Play and the Menu button. The Scroll Ring is of course for us to scroll thru the menus and settings. What happened to those common buttons like flash settings and the macro on/off button?

Indeed there are! The Scroll Ring is also a 4 way navigational button. It's just that the designer at Canon forgot to put the labels on the camera! Instead, everytime you switch on the camera or when you press the navigational button, the camera will give you an on-screen label telling you what they are. Hmmmmm.....

I really like the minimalist design of the IXUS. And the Scroll ring feels much better on the IXUS compare to the S90. But the lack of what we "non-designer" call as "Labels" are really an amusing exception.

On the other hand, despite the "almost no friction" scroll wheel on the back of the S90, the front scroll wheel really makes changing settings really easy and feels good. The buttons are big enough even for my fat fingers and the clear labels indicating what they are is a no brainer for me to say, 1-0 to the S90 ;)

So, Round 2 to the Powershot S90, means now we are 1-1! Hope I will make time soon for my next part of the review.

Part #1: Video Quality

12 Jul 2010

Canon Powershot S90 vs IXUS 300HS (Video)

Took slightly longer for me to post this, but hope it helps. If you remember, I was trying to decide which camera to buy when I stumble upon this 2 great cameras.

The Canon Powershot S90 or IXUS 300HS? Let's start today with the brief comparison on the video I took with each of these wonderful camera.

1) Canon Powershot S90

2) Canon IXUS 300HS/ Powershot SD4000 IS

Although the S90 has a bigger sensor, from what I understood is that the sensor in the S90 does not support HD video technically. Why? Maybe someone can tell me ;)

Visibly we can see the IXUS 300HS with it's HD video capability outshine the video quality of the S90. No doubt about it.

HOWEVER, if your ear is sharp enough you can listen to the "mechanical" sound produced when I was zooming with the IXUS 300HS. This is however not existence on the S90. Why? Again, maybe someone can also tell me why! ;)

So? My verdict is, 1-0 to the IXUS 300HS. If video quality is something important I will go for the IXUS 300HS.

Part #2: Buttons

11 Jul 2010

Tears for the Winner, Tears for the Loser.

And Yes! Spain is the reigning Euro Cup champion that also the new FIFA World Cup 2010 Winner!


7 Jul 2010

The One With 葡萄成熟時

This song... Erm...
The lyrics... Errr...
Meaning??? Hmmm...
Let's just say, it's a good song and for those who understand fully this song, please explain to me ;)
If I understand this correctly, errr... hmmm.... Gosh.. just listen la! ;)

6 Jul 2010

The One With The Tree

Coincidentally, I was talking about The Green Green Grass yesterday ;). Today we had a lunch walkaround photoshoot and look! I got myself a shot of the tree outside my office!

Apart from portraits, somehow tree will be my next favourite subject to shoot.  Maybe it's fresh. Maybe it's the green leafs. Maybe it's the strength. Maybe, all of us should learn from the tree ;)

5 Jul 2010

The One With The Green Green Grass of Home

You know there's this tune you have in your mind that you know it so well, but it just won't come to your head when you want to remember it? This is one of it which I accidentally bumped into through YouTube (where else ;).

Surprisingly, the guy who sang this wonderful classic is called Tom Jones, which I've heard of him before but never had thought he is the one singing The Green Green Grass of Home. And through YouTube, let me share this song with you (and me) the 4 different "generation" of this song that he sang. Enjoy...