26 Oct 2010

The Last Spun of Walkman and Paul de Sotong

There is no doubt. Apple's iPod in 2001 has revolutionized how we listen to music, forever.

However, it's not Apple who started the evolution. Nor it's Napster who redefine the industry. It's all started when we WALK with our music collection on our WALKMAN.

Remember that wobbly cassettes tape?
Remember that alcohol cleaner?
The red "rec" button on almost every WALKMAN?
That spare AA batteries you bring around?
And of course, mixed tapes!!

Like iPod, since 1979 WALKMAN is the loose term for all portable music cassette player. I remember there's once my friend who work in Panasonic and I asked, what's your WALKMAN range like? Of course the reply was less than amusing and briefly ended with, WALKMAN is Sony's trademark laaaa!!!

Anyway, I think like many others of my generation (and before) WALKMAN is part of our life and it will ever be.

(source: http://commons.wikimedia.org)

Last but not least, remember Paul de sotong? Yah.. Probably when it predicted the world cup matches, it saw it coming. RIP Paul de Sotong.


3 Oct 2010

The One With Scotland (II)

Not to spoil the peaceful pictures of Skye... It's just simply amazing how these places can be so peaceful both when we were there and in the pictures. Click on the picture to see the full size of it. :) And hope you like it...