17 Nov 2010

The One With Rome II & Candy's Birthday

Ok. Second time in Rome and the city is still as beautiful as we left 2 yrs ago. Surprisingly this time no one tell me about this phrase "Rome wasn't built in one day..." if anyone tell me that, I'll look a at them and say, " duh!! Teluk intan also not built in one day la!! :)

Anyway, a couple of things I noticed in this trip.

1st. Italian doesn't know how to use TomTom!
2nd. Roads were built for horses hence no lines are needed!
3rd. Italian can really talk non stop. Non stop probably is an understatement.!!
4th. Mozzarella cheese are made of buffalo milk (ya, I didn't know that and also buffalo produce milk).
5th. Hopefully Francois not reading this. Buffalo and cow are 2 different animal :)
6th. Apparently, punctuality is not in the Italiano dictionary. And they said the Germans are too serious :)
7th.  My god/pope!!! They really can eat!!! Typical dinner "process"  Wine and sparkling water. Antipasti ( meat, cheese, bread with basaltic vinegar).  Main meal (usually pasta).  Second meal (usually meat). All these are on individual plate and the portion are
Not small!! Dessert ( gelato, tiramissu). Espresso. And wine. Oh gosh, I refuse to weight myself when I'm back home.

Home. What a typical flight journey I have. Yup, another delay and am still waiting.

Last but not least, Happy Birthday to my dear friend Candy Wong. I'm sure the coming year will be a better yr for you and everybody. Have a blast!!

13 Nov 2010

The One With UAY...

After more than 30 mths of joy ride, splendid destination and magnificent driving experience, I have sold my first car in the UK, which My wife loosely called it UAY :)

I know. It's not a Beemer. Nor it's a proper 5 dr saloon. But for the past nearly 3 yrs, this small wonder has broaden my UK horizon, helped to shift my house and others too and accompanied many visitors in the UK.

I might not miss this as much as my 9839, but certainly it has left a very long tire trail in my heart :)

Ardios my UAY!!

7 Nov 2010

The One With November, November...

Or is it remember remember, the fifth of November? :) still don't give a damn on what's Bon fire all about. But on the way back yesterday I just realized, wow, has it been the 4th Bon fire since we first came to the UK? Gosh...

Anyway, had a walk near to the Olympic park and managed to snap this...

Yup.. It's real!! Olympics 2012 is getting real and near :) some how it reminds me of Bukit Jalil in 1997 when KL hosted the 1998 Commonwealth games. And wow!!! Has it been 12 years since then??? Goshh...

I think I've been a bit negative in this post. Let end with some great news. Yup... Christmas is just weeks away and it's always fun and exciting leading towards the holiday season. And of cos, my birthday!!! And and... Ermmm... Has it been our 5th anniversary already???Stay tune...