11 Feb 2011

The One With The Beginning After The End

It's exactly 2 weeks and like many say, there's always an end to everything. But let's stay positive and I would like to see this as the beginning of another countdown to my next trip ;)

Not going to say much now as I'm preparing to board the plane in LCCT. But if a summary statement is needed to describe my departure after 2 weeks, it is just like the picture above. Just a beautiful sunset... (for the record, it's in Teluk Intan ;)

Will post more when I reach London... Goodbye folks!!! 再见!!! Au Revoir!!! Pit!!!


  1. I understand what you mean.
    I feel this as I left after two weeks, 5 days ago!

  2. Grace!!! Hope we cross path the next time we come back ;)