28 Feb 2011

The One With Lydia & Lawrence In Town

Oh boy... Of all the people I can imagine who will visit me in London, never in a million years I would have thought these 2 lovely couple will brave the chilly and wet winter and visit me for a wonderful meal in London.

Frankly, I have my doubts of meeting up with you guys before yesterday. What would I say and where shall I stop talking ;) But when we finally met, a sense of flashback hit my mind and we had a great chat down memory lane. And Lawrence, somehow I can't get Elsa Fong's picture out of my head when I see you/ your pic ;) Wonder how is she now...

And Lew Pei Sum! Where shall I start describing you... hmmmmm. Let's just leave it like this ;) (p/s: My wife just came over and said you still look as pretty... ;)

Again, welcome to London! Of course by the time you read this, the duck and sotong that we ate will have "reincarnated" on the airplane's toilet enroute back to KL ;) Hope you guys had a great time in Europe and hope to see you all in London again. And all the best in delivering your first child in a few months time and I'm sure he/she will be under good guidance from you & Lawrence.

Hope you like these pics too and share with me yours...

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