13 Feb 2011

The One With Teluk Intan CNY 2011

For those people who doesn't know Teluk Intan, they always think it's another place with the name similar to Teluk Anson. And for the record, Teluk Anson is Teluk Intan!

And those who knew about Teluk Intan but never visited the place, maybe these few pictures came into your mind ;)

Yahhh.... The famous Chue Cheong Fun and of course the leaning tower of Malaysia ;)

Of course, for those who knew Teluk Intan and visited it, probably you will start comparing it with Kampar or Bidor or Tapah... It's just another Kampung...!! But this Kampung if I may, has something others don't. ATTITUDE! (yah... learn this word from the Jamie's 30 minutes cook show ;)

Behind the quiet and peaceful township and the ever decreasing pace of bicycles & "beca" lies the vibrant & exciting people of the "Ansonions". And of course, the moment you step out of the car when you first arrive to Teluk Intan, you will probably thought that you are in the middle of the national park, where you are being surrounded by the whisper loud noises from the birds. Make no mistake as those are not real noises from the bird.

Anyway, had some time to walk around Teluk Intan on my last stay in Malaysia and took some pictures of Teluk Intan...


  1. wow...didn't know Teluk Intan is so nice.
    Will make a note to drop by next time I'm back. :-)

  2. Hey Grace... Yah yah... at the same time go and try the Chue Cheong Fun too ;)