3 Mar 2011

The Pad That Redefine "i"

Stop me if you have not heard about this cos every time when Apple is having an event, it rattle the tech industry so hard even if you are remotely connected to it you will feel it's magnitude. The built up to all these events will always be the rumour mills to the supposedly leaked pictures of the new product and even to the extend that the analysts will start monitoring the stock level in the market for all those parts relating to the rumoured products.

Let's get back to the "pad". I still remember when they first launched the product about a year ago. Remember that funny video about the "pad"? :) remember how those "netbooks" maker were trying to laugh off this new category of product? Not to mentioned many more suspicious fence sitters (including myself) thinking what shall we do with this "pad". Whose laughing now huh? :)

I'm not going into the tech specs of the iPad 2. Because it's everywhere on the Internet. Some of course was comparing it with the Motorola Xoom, Honeycomb OS or even the BB or WebOS "Slate" by HP which I'm not going to touch upon.

What I'm going to lay down here today is about what I've been noticing lately on the way to work.

Have you realized how the smart phones have changed the way we walk? Yah... We walk looking down on it :)

Have you noticed mobile phones have less buttons compare to the one you have just a few years back? Yah.. It's all touch screen now. It's just a mtter of the screen size :) (p/s: Samsung Galaxy Tab can make calls)

And have you realized this phrase yet... "...the newspaper you are reading in the morning is at least 8 hours out of date!... " Yup!... We are so "connected" even the traffic situation is so up to date, twitted by your friends who are stuck in it.

Even digital cameras! When was the last time you use a dedicated/single function camera?

The list goes on and on... Even "war" in a country can be so different because of this little thing we loosely call smart-phones.

How does this link to the iPad?

The way iPhone "revolutionized" the smart-phone industry will exactly be the way the iPad redefine how we live our life, again...

Surf the net at home?
Read newspapers on the train?
Taking down notes in a meeting?
The thing doctors carry around to see a patient?
Compose a song, update your blog or even plan your wedding?

Yup... There's an App for that. Welcome to the World of iPad.

(picture source: www.apple.com)

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