22 Apr 2011

The One With Another Easter, Another Year

It's kinda scary to realise that we are already in April and by the time most of the people in the UK go back to work, it's already 2nd May 2011 ;) Yup... 5 months have pass and what have we done so far in 2011?? :)

Nothing much I'm sure many will quietly tell themselves ;) But I'm sure no one will disagree with me that so far 2011 hasn't turn out to be a good year, yet.

Taking this opportunity I would like to send my sincere regards to all my colleagues in Japan and although all replied back saying that no close relatives or friends was "affected" (which I'm glad to hear). But I think no one is not affected at all by this shocking news that shocked the World.

And yet, while many people are trying their best to save lives and rebuild their country, these blardy people in the Middle East (yah.. Libya) are trying so hard to KILL others. Haihh.... In this World where someone can afford 136 million pounds to buy an "apartment" in Hyde Park, London and iPad & 3D portable gaming is sold out almost everywhere, no one should die because of War. NO ONE!

This is getting a bit negative. Let's move on and together we look forward for a better year, and I'm sure it will. And let's all start with a "Good Friday" and Easter Holiday. I'm sure we will. I'm sure I will :)

Let's see what I have in my camera...

Hmmm... I didn't know I look so handsome in my super power :)

And of course, some bloke is getting married next week and I think his name is William ;)

Can't find Easter eggs, but found those hatched mini birds ;))))

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