16 Jun 2011

The One With Your Take Home Pay

Hmmmm... Let me just post this first and write more when I calm myself down ;)

(Source: www.uhy-uk.com)


  1. Bro,

    Everyone has to pay taxes more or less not so much an issue but what do you get in return for your tax dollars?

  2. Boss.. How are you man? ;)
    Yah... unless we work in Dubai.. hehehe.. I would have thought Malaysian take home pay will be much higher than UK. But I think I am not well informed before...

  3. AnonymousJuly 06, 2011

    Ohh.. FYI our " tax paid" has been converted to sub-marine, private jet, helicop, expensive but crack bridge.. Vy funny hor.. Now even geng.. Govt hospital reject patient who transfer fr private hosp. Means if u hv treated by private hosp, They presume u r rich enough to bare ur own medication. what kind of treatment!! However, pls dun complaint coz they will lock up u & charged with "1-Msia need only dummy Msian. U speak up n complaint u r not 1-Msia, u r 25 chai"