11 Jul 2011

The One With The SHIT, SHIT, SHIT Man

Repost from my earlier blog...

I've not rant about the Malaysian politics for some time. But the recent comments  from the 2nd most powerful politician in  'Malaysia' and another fat uncle made me really sick.


Aren't you the deputy prime minister of MALAYSIA? ( not Malay)
Aren't your boss (najib la) created some weird theme called 1Malaysia? (not 1Malay)
Aren't your coalition party include MCA and MIC that gave you the winning votes to govern the country? (not just UMNO)
Aren't you realized yet??

By saying this you are literally telling your boss, your coalition parties and your constituent that as long as you are not Malay, I don't give a SHIT!!???

Talking about shit, this fat shity fellar (PERKASA head) came out the winner by translating what our DPM wanted to say. '... I say it 3 times.. I don't give a shit to non Malay. I don't give a SHIT to non Malay. I don't give a SHIT to non Malay...'

I am not a historian here but hey, did we non malays took away anything that you guys have got previously?

Did we not achieve all those things ourselves? 

Did we get/rob/grab/stole anything from the malays??

God no? Allah tidak!! Jesus no way!! I said it 3 times too!!

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