24 Dec 2011

The One With "Love" On Christmas

When you slept for more than 12 hours a day (even with migraine) and a cup of strong Hor Yan Hoh, you will tend to stay awake well into the night... And here I am on the Christmas eve, with my eyes wide open :P

Since it's the Christmas season, let's talk about "Love..."

Love... is wonderful. And can be so painful.
Love can heal so much pain, and can cause as much as it can heal.
Love is so invincible. And yet, so "tangible".
And Love can cause so much hate, and sometime you'll hate to be so much in love.

True love is like what Steve Jobs said, "..Don't settle, keep looking...".

And when you found one, please "...Do Settle, AND stop looking..." :)

Merry Christmas to all my love ones and may you all be blessed with Love, Joy and Happiness in 2012...

Wan & Heng... :)

p/s: Found this touching youtube clip shared by Tracy ;)

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