31 Dec 2012


Time flies... To start that in my final post of 2012 sounds a bit "too normal". Then I remember a phrase while listening to 988 on the way back from work last week and thought it was quite meaningful at this juncture of the year...


Yup... As if year after year is not fast enough, reflecting back what happened in 2012 does make the above statement seems logical. To some, 2012 is just another year in life. To many others, it's a year of jubilation (The Queen), Inspiring A Generation (London 2012) and last but not least, a year full of challenges and disappointments (me :).

Wasn't a year to remember, but shouldn't be a year to forget as well. The past 365 days will go down to "my" history book as "The" 2012. And like a lyric from (who else) Jacky Cheung's song, "... Remember the darkest hour, is just before the dawn..." should move things more positively towards 2013... The year of the Snake :)

Looking forward in 2013 if I need to sum up in a word, it will be a year of "Inevitable". NO, No... I didn't copy it from Chanel or that Brad Pitt dude :) Of course I can't say anything more than that for now, but for sure it will be.

Inevitably, (see...) 2013 will past by as fast as any other years (technically). And if we have and we should live it with fun, I would like to add "enrichment" in 2013. 

Have an enriched fun 2013 to all my friends, families, special ones, friendly competitors and last but not least, YOU. :)

A few pictures I quickly gathered on my pc and hope I will write more often in the coming year...

12 Dec 2012

The One With Gay Marriages in England

Lots of talks in town these days centered around Gay (& Lesbian) marriages in England and particularly whether Churches of England are allowed to marry Gay couples...

Amongst many other things I think the government of UK is doing wrong, they might have done this right based on the report from BBC on this link;

"Gay Marriage to be illegal in Church of England"

I am not super religious or has any hatred towards Gay couples. And to set it straight I'm a Buddhists and many of my friends are Gays. But if you want a religious body to consent to something which clearly stating a marriage is between a man and a woman, then I think the government is right to prevent Churches in England to marry you...

Maybe the government fall short in proposing a clear legal process to recognise gay couples. But if you want the Church of England to marry a gay couple is like asking a Muslim to eat pork! I'm not saying that eating pork is right or wrong but if you want to be a Muslim, then don't eat pork! And if you really like to eat pork then don't call yourself Muslim and eat in the mosque! :)

Just my thoughts...

25 Oct 2012

The One With The MacBook Air & MacBook Pro & iPad Prices

Macbook Air Prices:

Macbook Pro Prices:

iPad Prices:

Hope this helps :)

Post from the previous comparison:

23 Sep 2012

The One With Project 1709

There will be a day where you will tell yourself, “.. I have taken too many pictures and it’s almost impossible to remember all of them…”.

Unfortunately (and maybe not surprisingly), mine has reached such a stage. Not yesterday, but probably since last year or so. At first organising it via a clear folder structures seems reasonable, and probably a good start. But as I started taking pictures randomly, from multiple cameras and phones and not forgetting images which I’ve edited and obtained from other friends’ cameras, I knew I will get myself into trouble with these images.

Quite sure many others shared such “problems”. Maybe this is an “issue” of the digital World. And just bear in mind, we are just like less than 15 years of mass digital camera era. And as we project our life into the next decade, finding your images will definitely be an unpleasant necessity.

Along came Canon’s “Project 1709”. Yes… not the final name yet as it is still in beta and this marks Canon’s first attempt into the ever crowded cloud photo storage/management service.

Option
It’s good to know that Canon is using the universal sign in either via Facebook, Google, Yahoo, etc… I believe there will be more options available in the future but at least with Facebook, this should be sufficient for now (reason to come below under killer features)

First Impression
Maybe it’s just me but I really have a great feeling when I first see the design of this site. Dark colours are used to contrast mostly bright pictures that we normally take. And if you are like many Canon camera users out there you will probably notice there’s a distinct & probably intentional exclusion on the usage of “Canon red” in the web design.

Second Impression
Ok… Now I’ve tried to upload some pictures and DANG…  desktop upload client still not available for MAC users. And DANG… Windows version not working with my WHS 2011. Yes… I know, it’s still in beta but hey… it’s 2012 and MAC users are increasingly popular!

Then I tried on their “selective” upload. Not to be too negative but, you can only select 10 images to be uploaded at once. 10 images!!! When can I finish uploading my images? It might take a lifetime to upload my lifetime images J  Not just that, how am I supposed to remember which of the images I’ve uploaded???Uuploads are simultaneous and if the system crashed halfway during uploads (which is common during any beta stage), you will need to select the images and upload again. Dear Canon, take this as my feedback J

On a positive side
Alrite… enough on the “constructive” feedback. Let’s look at the bright side for now. After all, it’s really still in a beta phase and I am sure Canon will continuously improving the details.

After  I’ve uploaded some pictures, one thing I really like is their “tiles” layout (aka Metro look). Interfaces are easy to understand and simple layout means you will not be intimidated to click on anything you see on screen.

One of the key navigation tool is the “Date” of which the pictures were taken. The “year” is clearly labelled on top of the pictures and once you click on the year, you will be shown the months and it’s a nice touch that they will highlight only the months are available based on the pictures.

You can also filter the images by tags (which you need to create) and by cameras. Because it’s made by Canon, EXIF data are part of the data made available on each picture. Hence, it can easily filter by camera models (even if it’s not taken from a Canon camera). Hopefully future improvements will allow us to filter images with more options; ie By Aperture, Colours and zoom range.

Apart from the tiles design, Canon also implemented the “infinite” scrolling page design. This means no more click “next” after “next” to view your pictures. Nice…

Killer Feature
Maybe there are something similar out there, but I’ve not seen this before. What set Project 1709 apart from the rest or at least differentiate themselves with other cloud services and cloud storage is it’s integration with Facebook. When you share a picture via Project 1709 to your Facebook account, it will track all comments within the Project 1709 platform.  In the long term perspectives, this is a neat feature and particularly interesting when you go through a history of all of your pictures.

Final Thoughts?
Project1709 is by no mean "final" (hence beta). So it's only right for me to reserve my final thoughts on this exciting new service for now. A lot of questions are still floating; ie how much free storage for new sign up? How much space until they start charging? How much would that cost? And how committed Canon is in moving away from hardware based products especially for consumer segments. And what other "killer" features are in the pipeline...

Hopefully I can revisit this and give my comments in the coming months but as it is, Project1709 do show some great promises and if it manage to evolve well, it might be a great companion between your digital images and social media.

To sign up, head to www.project1709.com. At the moment, they are still drip feeding the users slowly (but surely) to ensure pleasant user experience with the new service. And a short video presentation as below;

If you want to know more, kindly leave me a message here or twit me @ah_heng


21 Sep 2012

The One With iPhone 5

Another September, and here we go, another iPhone. If you are counting since 2007, iPhone 5 is not the fifth iPhone by Apple.

Like Namewee said, "... u belum tengok u jangan panggil olang lain jangan pigi tengok ma...".

So with that in mind, I've tried to reserve my comment  about this phone since the introduction by Phil S last week... Until today...

My thoughts...

If you are using an iPhone 4 or 4s, I think you should keep the cash and wait for 5s. It's just feel so "iPhone 4" and the longer screen really doesn't make any sense. Yes, it does feel thinner and lighter. But hey... if you are paying 529 quid on this, I guess you want it to feel solid! And don't get me started on the "lightning" connector. WTF!!! Hasn't Apple heard of the port call "Micro USB" if they want to make it smaller??? 

Of course, of course... If we love Apple, we should knew from the beginning it would look "cool" to have a proprietary connector. And part of the success of Apple product is probably the eco-system it created on the accessories and etc... (yah yah... remember thunderbolt?? Still haven't seen any great acceptance yet!!)

Again, don't get me wrong, iOS 6 is a solid OS and since it's stil being supported on your iPhone 4/s, I still think you should hold on to your cash :)

What if you are buying a smartphone for the first time?

If you like Apple, go straight to the latest iPhone 5. Don't hesitate on whether to get the 4 or 4s. Before you knew it, iPhone 5s rumours will start within weeks :)

However, if you are new into the smartphone eco system and hasn't spend any money on the OS dependent Apps, the year is 2012 and it's a very different landscape compare to 2007 or 2008. Then, iPhone is probably the only logical choice if you are buying a smartphone.

Since then, there are many other great phones produced by HTC, Samsung, Motorola and Nokia... All the OS has since evolved to a stage where it should be easy to use for anyone picking their first smartphone. And most of the common apps are available throughout all the OS platforms.

So choose the phone that you feel right on your hand. Don't listen to fanboys/girls like us ;) 

Last but not least, I noticed someone actually pre-order it earlier and get their iPhone 5 delivered early in the morning. Maybe that's why so many people are "sick" today staying at home "ahem.." waiting for an important package. But isn't part of the fun of an iPhone is to queue up for hours and hours like this??? :)

17 Sep 2012

The One With Photokina 2012

I thought it's probably good to create a dedicated page to highlights some of the latest and greatest from Photokina 2012 which I hope I can live blog when I make my first visit to Photokina tomorrow.

For now, let's see what's have been announced by Canon by following the link below;


See you in Cologne!

13 Aug 2012

The One With London Twenty Twelve

As a Malaysian, let me first congratulate Lee Chong Wei and Pandelela Rinong for their great performance to fly the Malaysian flag in the London 2012. One may think living in a host country for a Commonwealth Games (1998) is the pinnacle of any big sports event for oneself. And when I knew that I will not just be in London, but will also live in London for the Olympic London 2012, I was actually quite ecstatic to be part of it.

Truth be told, I was one of the sceptics on the way the Olympic was being organised before the games start. To begin with, many of us still remember how good it was the opening ceremony in Beijing even it was more than 4 years ago (remember the kid singing and the flying torch bearer?:)).

Besides being held using public transport on many occasions, the organiser (LOCOG) wasn’t helping by announcing that they have to draft in thousands of army personnel to fill up gaps left by the Security Company (G4S) days before the opening ceremony. Even at 8:59pm on the 27th July 2012, I was still very sure London 2012 wouldn’t pull it through many expectations…

I was wrong. Many more I believe were to agree…

Maybe the opening ceremony was a bit tacky (NHS???). Many will remember how the “industrial revolution” created the Olympic Rings ending with a shower of sparks. And many more will remember the magnificent flame combining all 204 copper petals representing all the participating countries.

Maybe there were thousands of empty spaces even on a major event on a weekend. But judging on how fast the tickets were sold when they release more tickets online, I am quite sure many idiots who have tickets just didn’t show up for whatever reasons.

Maybe it was a bit busier on the trains and tubes, which we have expected. But what I didn’t expect was there were almost no train breakdowns or delays throughout the 17 days. This we hope will continue.

Maybe it would be nice if both my wife and I manage to get tickets to watch a live event during the Olympic. But if it’s not that we didn’t get the tickets, we wouldn’t have the experience of gate crashing the Olympic park which we nearly succeeded. And at least we are looking forward to the Paralympic event which we manage to get tickets :)

One may ask, can London afford organising such event on such a big scale at the this moment of time. The answer will be answered on the legacy it creates which we hope it will bring to the UK.

But is it worth it?

Personally, I think this might just be the best thing London and UK have experienced since the fall of Fannie Mae, Northern Rock and Lehmans.

The financial figures in the coming months might not reflect the extend of the success of the London 2012 30th Olympiad, but like it’s motto which makes much more sense after the Mo Farah invented the "Mobot" for his double Olympic Gold medals and after the inspiring and unforgettable Opening and Closing ceremonies…

It Inspire a Generation. Indeed it inspires, our generation...

6 Jul 2012

The One With The "Sixth" Olympic's Ring

It's a bit freaky but what a coincidence!!! And now, I can declare London 2012 to be ready ;)

15 Jun 2012

The One With The MacBook Air & MacBook Pro Prices

This post has been updated on the following post;




Another community service :)

I believe by now everyone has their hands and heads on the latest and greatest MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and the "Next Generation" MacBook Pro with Retina display. Yup... Very nice indeed (on paper at least). And planning to get one too ;)

And while doing some research on the specs, naturally being a cina-pek (China man) I got to know this!

MacBook Air (June 2012 Model)

Macbook Pro (June 2012 Model)

Conclusion... Depending on where you are or where are you are planning to travel to, the same MacBook Pro can be either 29% more expensive (in the UK) or cheaper by more than 4% (in Malaysia) compare to the prices in North America. This is based on the exchange rate on 15th June 2012.

Full details on an Excel file at the link here... (link).

Hope this helps...

14 Jun 2012


This is a community service ;)

Recently, someone highlighted that their wonderful EOS 5D MKIII produces RAW images which appear to be soft and not as sharp as their previous EOS 5D MKII. 

Why? For me to know, for you to find out :) However, I've been informed that by updating your DPP to the latest version, it will solve that issue.

 Links to the site;

1) Europe - (Link)
2) USA - (Link)
3) Asia - (Link)

Hope this helps.

And wow... I have not been active in this blog for a long time. Let's start again soon!!

28 Apr 2012

The One With #Bersih 3.0 In London

The M'sian govt has a choice to make #Bersih a "family" event and promote the country. But they chose to defy democracy, freedom of speech and call for unwarranted aggression and brutality. If "YOU" still sit back in your comfortable couch at home, or think those who walked miles and miles to Dataran Merdeka were idiots, braved themselves with almost a certain fact that they would be sprayed by laced water canons or tear gas, YOU are not wrong not to join us today. But I am almost certain your kids or your next generation will think otherwise, apart from the 1% of the elite UMNO putras.

Today we didn't want to show that we dislike the current government. All we want is to be assured that we being M'sian are able to choose our own government!

I am sorry that I can't be in Malaysia to walk with you. But I am certain that when I walked and chanted quietly in London for the same thing you have done in Dataran Merdeka, I am not alone. We are not alone. And to end with a lovely quote from a poem from Pak Samad, "... Di Dataran Merdeka ini, demokrasi senyum kembali..."

Link to Bersih 2.0 London Last year (click here)

26 Mar 2012

The One Where The 2 Turns TWO!

When they were One: http://15dezember.blogspot.co.uk/2011/04/one-with-shuens-sopheas-first-candle.html

 It does seems like not long ago when I blogged about their first candle. Maybe their parents might disagree that it’s fast ;) but I’m sure it’s nothing less than extraordinary bringing these beautiful kids up. To Sophea (Yi Yi) & Shuen, Happy Birthday again from both Uncle Wong and Auntie Tan ;) Hope you like those books and stickers… and the pictures…

And when the 2 turns TWO.

Maybe by the time you understand what I’ve written here about you guys (if this blog is still around) it might sound abit outdated and “old fashioned”… But remember, the hardship and dedication of your parents in bringing you up when you can’t even understand the word “SIT”!!! J Gosh.. have to stop sounding like an old Pakcik… And probably in my next post, I’ll start talking like…”Sapp?? Bass!! Or Brahh…” Stay tune…

14 Feb 2012

The One With Whitney Houston

Frankly, I am sick and tired of all these celebrities found dead under the influence of drugs and alcohol and bla la bla…

Social convention dictates that we should be sad and sympathetic  when someone die. But for Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston, I really want to be MAD instead of SAD!

They have all the money in the World to enjoy, and to cure themselves out of all these shit.

They have all the support of their friends and families (even the President and PM) to make sure they can go through their “worst” days..

They have the whole World of fans to cheer them where ever they go and should not have many lonely nights.

AND YET, they chose to fuck themselves up with alcohol and drugs .

Some say, it’s the loneliness of being rich and famous.

Some say, Whitney’s husband is at fault.

Excuse me… Look at Joan Collins. She’s rich and famous. She has husband problem (4 divorces!).

And after their death, friends and fans claimed that they are the best singer on the planet!
Hello???!!!! Why don’t we put more support on those who are really good and still around? Mariah Carey perhaps? ;) And Linsay Lohan.. not because she’s talented, but I think she won’t last long living this way ;)))

Anyway, my point is if they have to “go” because of illness (like Anita Mui or Roman Tam) then I am sincerely sad both on their demise and their talents. But if they CHOSE a destiny which statistics have repeatedly show THEY WILL DIE, then die they will, eventually…

13 Feb 2012

The One With CNY 2012

I know... It takes longer than expected to post these pictures. But as Alex said, as we grew older getting over jet lag is even more difficult :))))

And of course, I've to travel to this...

 "Man Lin Kar Yau!" (in Cantonese:) -  Even MU knows it's CNY 2012...

After 4 x 5 = 20 rounds of 4 mins elevator lectures/pitches ;)

Alrite, back to the Dragon year. We started our long delayed journey back home and literally, it took me 23 hours door to door before I manage to smell my bed. But at least this small fellar is not too troublesome on board...

Oh boy...

At least for me, for the first time I was told that the "animal" for the lunar year doesn't necessarily starts on the first day of the Lunar New Year. It starts on a day we call "lap chuon" :) And it's on the 4th Feb 2012 this year!

Anyway, met up with more wonderful relatives and greatest friends during my visit. And if it's not my Powershot G9 giving up on me, I am sure there will be more great pictures!!

And if I am not too late to wish you all again a very wonderful and prosperous Dragon year in 2012!!! ;)