14 Feb 2012

The One With Whitney Houston

Frankly, I am sick and tired of all these celebrities found dead under the influence of drugs and alcohol and bla la bla…

Social convention dictates that we should be sad and sympathetic  when someone die. But for Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston, I really want to be MAD instead of SAD!

They have all the money in the World to enjoy, and to cure themselves out of all these shit.

They have all the support of their friends and families (even the President and PM) to make sure they can go through their “worst” days..

They have the whole World of fans to cheer them where ever they go and should not have many lonely nights.

AND YET, they chose to fuck themselves up with alcohol and drugs .

Some say, it’s the loneliness of being rich and famous.

Some say, Whitney’s husband is at fault.

Excuse me… Look at Joan Collins. She’s rich and famous. She has husband problem (4 divorces!).

And after their death, friends and fans claimed that they are the best singer on the planet!
Hello???!!!! Why don’t we put more support on those who are really good and still around? Mariah Carey perhaps? ;) And Linsay Lohan.. not because she’s talented, but I think she won’t last long living this way ;)))

Anyway, my point is if they have to “go” because of illness (like Anita Mui or Roman Tam) then I am sincerely sad both on their demise and their talents. But if they CHOSE a destiny which statistics have repeatedly show THEY WILL DIE, then die they will, eventually…

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