26 Mar 2012

The One Where The 2 Turns TWO!

When they were One: http://15dezember.blogspot.co.uk/2011/04/one-with-shuens-sopheas-first-candle.html

 It does seems like not long ago when I blogged about their first candle. Maybe their parents might disagree that it’s fast ;) but I’m sure it’s nothing less than extraordinary bringing these beautiful kids up. To Sophea (Yi Yi) & Shuen, Happy Birthday again from both Uncle Wong and Auntie Tan ;) Hope you like those books and stickers… and the pictures…

And when the 2 turns TWO.

Maybe by the time you understand what I’ve written here about you guys (if this blog is still around) it might sound abit outdated and “old fashioned”… But remember, the hardship and dedication of your parents in bringing you up when you can’t even understand the word “SIT”!!! J Gosh.. have to stop sounding like an old Pakcik… And probably in my next post, I’ll start talking like…”Sapp?? Bass!! Or Brahh…” Stay tune…

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