28 Apr 2012

The One With #Bersih 3.0 In London

The M'sian govt has a choice to make #Bersih a "family" event and promote the country. But they chose to defy democracy, freedom of speech and call for unwarranted aggression and brutality. If "YOU" still sit back in your comfortable couch at home, or think those who walked miles and miles to Dataran Merdeka were idiots, braved themselves with almost a certain fact that they would be sprayed by laced water canons or tear gas, YOU are not wrong not to join us today. But I am almost certain your kids or your next generation will think otherwise, apart from the 1% of the elite UMNO putras.

Today we didn't want to show that we dislike the current government. All we want is to be assured that we being M'sian are able to choose our own government!

I am sorry that I can't be in Malaysia to walk with you. But I am certain that when I walked and chanted quietly in London for the same thing you have done in Dataran Merdeka, I am not alone. We are not alone. And to end with a lovely quote from a poem from Pak Samad, "... Di Dataran Merdeka ini, demokrasi senyum kembali..."

Link to Bersih 2.0 London Last year (click here)

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