31 Dec 2012


Time flies... To start that in my final post of 2012 sounds a bit "too normal". Then I remember a phrase while listening to 988 on the way back from work last week and thought it was quite meaningful at this juncture of the year...


Yup... As if year after year is not fast enough, reflecting back what happened in 2012 does make the above statement seems logical. To some, 2012 is just another year in life. To many others, it's a year of jubilation (The Queen), Inspiring A Generation (London 2012) and last but not least, a year full of challenges and disappointments (me :).

Wasn't a year to remember, but shouldn't be a year to forget as well. The past 365 days will go down to "my" history book as "The" 2012. And like a lyric from (who else) Jacky Cheung's song, "... Remember the darkest hour, is just before the dawn..." should move things more positively towards 2013... The year of the Snake :)

Looking forward in 2013 if I need to sum up in a word, it will be a year of "Inevitable". NO, No... I didn't copy it from Chanel or that Brad Pitt dude :) Of course I can't say anything more than that for now, but for sure it will be.

Inevitably, (see...) 2013 will past by as fast as any other years (technically). And if we have and we should live it with fun, I would like to add "enrichment" in 2013. 

Have an enriched fun 2013 to all my friends, families, special ones, friendly competitors and last but not least, YOU. :)

A few pictures I quickly gathered on my pc and hope I will write more often in the coming year...


  1. Happy 2013 Mr Wong. Will be better than 2012, considering we nearly saw the end of the world 11 days ago!

    1. Hahaa... Forgot to mention that Mayan dude ;)


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