12 Dec 2012

The One With Gay Marriages in England

Lots of talks in town these days centered around Gay (& Lesbian) marriages in England and particularly whether Churches of England are allowed to marry Gay couples...

Amongst many other things I think the government of UK is doing wrong, they might have done this right based on the report from BBC on this link;

"Gay Marriage to be illegal in Church of England"

I am not super religious or has any hatred towards Gay couples. And to set it straight I'm a Buddhists and many of my friends are Gays. But if you want a religious body to consent to something which clearly stating a marriage is between a man and a woman, then I think the government is right to prevent Churches in England to marry you...

Maybe the government fall short in proposing a clear legal process to recognise gay couples. But if you want the Church of England to marry a gay couple is like asking a Muslim to eat pork! I'm not saying that eating pork is right or wrong but if you want to be a Muslim, then don't eat pork! And if you really like to eat pork then don't call yourself Muslim and eat in the mosque! :)

Just my thoughts...

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