22 Jan 2013

The Inevitable: Malaysia The Next Gaza Strip?

Please... Please... Please...

Tolong... Tolong... Tolong...

Toh Looooog la....

Have we not learned anything since the day we call ourselves Malaysian?

Are we in such total denial that we have to stood this low to fight among ourselves?

If the Israelis & Palestinians fought for a piece of holy land, are we really want to fight for a WORD???

Does anyone who "owns" the word ALLAH means he is more Muslim than the rest?

And does Muslim's teaching is just about ONE WORD?

Come on lah! Come on lah! Come on lah!

I can only pose questions as I do not have any "academic" answers to the above. But if I may predict the next 10 years if this "fight" continues, Malaysia will become the next "Gaza Strip" and no one is going to benefit at all out of this, INCLUDING ALLAH.

Yah Allah... Oh My God...

Links to some disturbing news...



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