10 Sep 2013

The One With The Three Turn 3...

Have been really abandoning this blog for sometime, which is no good. And if I don't start writing something, there will be ONE additional excuse for me not to write in the future.

So, let's kickstart with a couple of short blog to kickstart the habit again. Old habit dies hard! :)

Ok... These little fellas...

I've grown up with quite a number of kids around me when I was young. But never had so much recollection of them compare to these 3. And with the help of digital photography, I've probably have so many pictures of the kids which I don't actually own :) And probably at certain stage in their growing life, they might look back and ask their mommy and daddy, "... why is uncle Wong take so many of my pictures???..."

This year, all Three of them turn 3! And if I have the time to look back at all my life in London, probably half of it (at this stage) is all about them, before and after they are born.

And sincerely from Uncle Wong, Happy Birthday 2013 to Shuen, Yi Yi & Ethan. And if you guys ever found this post in the future, I am not "Uncle GOldfish" ya!!! :)

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