14 Oct 2013

Apple iPAD, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air & Apple TV Price Comparison

Updated pricing on this link...


A community service as an Apple fan :)

If we use USD as the base price, you will be surprise that you might be paying as high as 49% more (Apple TV in Germany) compare to the price in the US.

So if you are by any chance travelling to let's say Malaysia, find yourself a bargain :)

Prices are correct as of 14th OCT 2013 with the exchange rate obtained via Google.

And obviously, I would like to discharge myself from any liabilities by telling everybody up front that I shall accept NO LIABILITY or whatsoever from the chart below or any mistakes made both in description or in the pricing.. It's merely drafted out out of personal interest.

ModelUS ($)SG ($)MY (RM)UK (£)HK ($)DE (€)
MBA 11' 128GB 1.3GHz100%108%94%135%99%135%
MBA 11' 256GB 1.3GHz100%106%94%136%99%135%
MBA 13' 128GB 1.3GHz100%108%94%123%100%135%
MBA 13' 256GB 1.3GHz100%110%94%138%99%135%
MBP 13' 2.5GHz100%106%97%132%99%135%
MBP 13' 2.9GHz100%106%96%132%99%135%
MBP 15' 2.3GHz100%106%96%132%100%135%
MBP 13' 128GB 2.5GHz (Retina)100%106%96%132%99%135%
MBP 13' 256GB 2.6GHz (Retina)100%108%98%135%99%135%
MBP 15' 256GB 2.4GHz (Retina)100%109%97%130%99%135%
MBP 15' 512GB 2.7GHz (Retina)100%108%98%130%99%135%
iPAD mini 16GB100%109%95%130%102%135%
iPAD mini 32GB100%108%95%129%102%135%
iPAD mini 64GB100%107%95%129%102%135%
iPAD mini 16GB (3G)100%108%96%128%101%135%
iPAD mini 32GB (3G)100%107%96%127%101%135%
iPAD mini 64GB (3G)100%107%95%127%102%135%
iPAD 2 16GB100%106%94%131%100%135%
iPAD 2 16GB (3G)100%106%95%129%100%133%
iPAD Retina 16GB100%106%94%127%101%135%
iPAD Retina 32GB100%105%94%127%101%135%
iPAD Retina 64GB100%105%94%127%101%135%
iPAD Retina 128GB100%105%94%127%102%135%
iPAD Retina 16GB (3G)100%105%95%126%100%135%
iPAD Retina 32GB (3G)100%105%95%126%101%135%
iPAD Retina 64GB (3G)100%105%95%126%101%135%
iPAD Retina 128GB (3G)100%105%95%126%101%135%
Apple TV100%120%111%159%103%149%
Exchange Rate (14th OCT 2013)

Note: If you need the working file, please drop me a comment below and I will send to you ASAP...

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