19 Dec 2013

And the CHEAPEST place to Buy a MAC PRO is...

Updated with the latest price...

Obviously... USA! :)

Normally I wouldn't track the price of a Mac PRO but because of it's price tag and the fact that it looks good/ weird/ innovative/ pretentious/ like rubbish bin, let's have a look at where to buy this at the lowest price.

However, price compared are without any sales tax. So depending on where you are, maybe MALAYSIA is still the place to buy all your Apple products :) And chances are, you won't see this in store.

Of course, the weight starts from 5kg (11 pounds) and not sure if it's cover under Mobile internation warranty :)

I have to say, max it out at 10 grand is not even close to how much I've spent on ALL computing hardwares since my first ever VGA monitor computer...

4 Core Dual CPU 3.7 GHz100%113%100%137%101%137%
6 Core Dual CPU 3.5 GHz100%113%100%135%101%137%
12 Core Dual CPU 2.7 GHz, 64GB RAM, 1TB SSD6GB GPU100%112%103%133%101%137%
Exchange (19th Dec 2013)

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