16 Dec 2013

The Cheapest Place to Buy Apple's Product is...

Update: With the latest exchange rate...

Malaysia!! Apparently...

Of course, exchange rate dependent and types of Apple product that you are looking for....

ModelUS ($)SG ($)MY (RM)UK (£)HK ($)DE (€)
MBA 11' 128GB 1.3GHz100%109%95%137%99%137%
MBA 11' 256GB 1.3GHz100%107%95%138%99%137%
MBA 13' 128GB 1.3GHz100%109%95%125%100%137%
MBA 13' 256GB 1.3GHz100%111%95%140%99%137%
MBP 13' 2.5GHz100%107%98%134%99%137%
MBP 13' 128GB 2.4GHz (Retina)100%111%102%136%99%137%
MBP 13' 256GB 2.6GHz (Retina)100%112%103%134%99%137%
MBP 13' 512GB 2.6GHz (Retina)100%112%104%134%100%137%
MBP 15' 256GB 2.0GHz (Retina)100%112%103%137%99%137%
MBP 15' 512GB 2.3GHz (Retina)100%111%103%136%99%137%
iPad mini 2 16GB100%110%98%134%99%132%
iPad mini 2 16GB (3G)100%111%99%131%99%131%
iPad mini Retina 16GB100%111%99%129%100%134%
iPad mini Retina 32GB100%111%99%129%101%131%
iPad mini Retina 64GB100%111%99%129%101%130%
iPad mini Retina 128GB100%112%99%129%101%129%
iPad mini Retina 16GB (LTE)100%111%99%128%100%132%
iPad mini Retina 32GB (LTE)100%112%100%128%100%130%
iPad mini Retina 64GB (LTE)100%112%99%128%101%129%
iPad mini Retina 128GB (LTE)100%112%100%128%101%129%
iPad 2 16GB100%107%93%133%100%130%
iPad 2 16GB (3G)100%106%93%131%100%129%
iPad Air 16GB100%111%99%129%101%131%
iPad Air 32GB100%111%99%129%101%130%
iPad Air 64GB100%112%99%129%101%129%
iPad Air 128GB100%112%100%129%102%128%
iPad Air 16GB (LTE)100%112%100%128%100%130%
iPad Air 32GB (LTE)100%112%99%128%101%129%
iPad Air 64GB (LTE)100%112%100%128%101%129%
iPad Air 128GB (LTE)100%112%100%128%101%128%
Apple TV100%121%112%161%103%151%
Forex (16th Dec 2013)