7 Jan 2014

The One With the Word ALLAH in Malaysia...

Let me be naive and ask some childish questions. Are Muslims in Malaysia really threading in such a fine thread that a single word can change and alter one’s beliefs?

2) And if Catholics can proof that single word has been used 100s years ago in Malaysia and Muslims are claiming it now (note 1), how different are they compare to their claims that Israelis occupy “their” lands in Palestine? Hmmm....

3) I think the way this can be solved in Malaysia (fairly) is to either allow every religion and human beings to use that word. I am sure one's beliefs are not on a single word but on the teachings and inspiration one gets from that religion. Or to ban it all together for everyone all of us call our Almighty, Tuhan/God or whatever it is except that word.

4) Politics aside, I hope both sides of the Political party should make a bi-partisan decision for the sake of future generation in Malaysia. We do not want our children to use my favourite word when I was growing up, "...yah allllaaahhh...." and get caught because the word is EXCLUSIVE!!! :)

Good luck Malaysia.

1) Source: http://themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/priest-reveals-proof-christians-used-allah-before-merdeka

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