18 Apr 2014

The One With Karpal Singh

In this "small" World of just over 6,000,000,000 people, there are occasional coincidences that amaze me. Like what happened today.

There's a long old friend of mine from Bangsar has a husband that for whatever reason has parents who are from my small hometown and for whatever "wind" ended up in a shop that I grew up in selling shoes ;) (Chan Wei Chee... I am talking about you!!! :)

Then I started flashing back some memories I had back then selling shoes. Since young. It was really long time ago. But feels like not many "days" ago...

In a small town, gossips are imminent. "... these fellar son or daughter or wife or mistress have this or that and that happen because of this and that..." Then we gossips diminished and slowly transformed into a more serious conversation, I vividly remember some words that keeps on flashing in my head...

Loh ket... Kat Cheong... Yuet Kong... Ching Tau... Kapar sing...

Obviously I have no idea what are those words then...

Then I went to college. Away from a well orchestrated education system "telling" us the really good things about what the government had done to us, and bla bla bla... But in college we have access to a wider range of "story books" and however slow it was then, there were this thing call "internet".

So besides reading books that I need to pass my exams in college, I have started reading stories about Malaysia, from "the other perspective". And months became years. And from interest became passion. I have translated those words that makes no sense to me to words that brought some lights into what I like to read in my free time...

In cantonese;
Loh ket = Rocket a.k.a DAP
Kat Cheong = Lim Kit Siang
Yuet Kong = Moon a.k.a PAS
Ching tau = Scale a.k.a BN
and of course, Kapar sing = Karpal Singh

And obviously, yesterday right before I went to sleep twitter and Facebook feeds keep on flashing the news about the passing of Karpal Singh and as usual with my limited vocabulary my first reply to the first feed I saw was, FUCK! Is there no more good news from Malaysia???

I thought it's fitting to leave a "footprint" in my blog to reminds me of a sad moment not just for me in my passion of politics, but also for all Malaysian.

I thought without him, Malaysia might not belongs to "Malaysian" anymore.

And I thought his dedication to fixing what some may see is right but he has the vision, courage and strength to oppose in my opinion the most corrupted, most injustice and utmost racists government since he took his oath to become a MP for Jelutong...

RIP Mr Karpal Singh. May god bless you. And bless all Malaysian...

Source: Freemalaysiatoday.com

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