23 May 2014

The One With The Teluk Intan By Election MAY 2014

First of all, congrats and good luck to both nominees for the upcoming by-election, Mr Mah Siew Keong and Ms Dyana Sofya.

Being a local boy in this wonderful town of Teluk Intan, I thought it's probably right for me to say a few words :)

I have a hunch... Didn't come through a dream or wasn't told by any guru or what so ever.

I think BN might win the Teluk Intan by-election. Maybe not by a big margin, but sufficient for BN to show face to the rest that they are still "relevant".

This is why...

1) In the last election, we all hate BN. That's not changed. But at that time we also love Mr Seah (RIP). He is a local boy, in and out. He attended the school next to mine. And most importantly, the whole Teluk Intan has a hope. The hope of tumbling the government and or at least winning back the State.

2) Then we have Mr Mah Siew Keong. The son of a well known local millionaire, charity organisation and also frankly quite a nice guy, as I was told. And his organisation has the ability to move the Police Station, built the one and only Library FOC for the council and probably most important of all, he is also a LOCAL. In and out!

3) In order to save face, BN is and will going to put all their "promise" into this by-election. One that is probably most "lucrative" to most people in this small town is, we might have a very own first Minister (full) in the Government. And that normally translate to prosperity and support from Central Government and this town really like this.

4) Last but not least is, WHAT THE HELL IS DAP/PR is doing? They knew pretty well how's the situation of the late Mr Seah even back in February. Why on earth they are not prepping for a "local" replacement???!!!

You know what. For all I have said and written before, I hope I am wrong this time (only:). Please don't get me wrong. I don't know who is Dyana Sofya at all and that's why I didn't try to pretend that I do by writing it.

Truth, will be told on the 31st May.

Again, good luck to Ms Dyana Sofya and Mr Mah Siew Keong. Whoever wins this, please take care of this wonderful town of Teluk Intan. Is has and will always be my and many others hometown.

EDIT: By the way, at least for one day on the 25th May, can we all UNITE under one Flag called MALAYSIA to support our THOMAS CUP contingent in India? #MalaysiaBoleh !


  1. AnonymousMay 29, 2014

    Your Thomas Cup team lost! So will this Mah fella come election day! Why? Because Gerakan was, is and will be useless in standing up to corrupt UMNO.

    1. Haha.. Thanks for reading my post :) Yeah.. the lost in Thomas Cup really hurts... But as I mentioned, I'm still not supporting the Govt. Just that my "hunch" thinks it's going to be Mr Mah :) Let's hope I'm wrong... and please vote if you are from Teluk Intan yah... Thanks...