16 Sep 2014

The One With Malaysia Day & Scottish Independence Voting Day

It has been a while that I have not wrote anything here. More often than before when I have something in mind to write, I don't have a chance to do it. And when I am near the laptop, I have nothing in my mind at all!

Then came today. For those who doesn't know, 16th Sept 1963 was the day when the current state of "Malaysia" was formed combining Malaya and 2 Borneo states (Sabah & Sarawak) as well and Singapore.

Yup... Singapore was part of Malaysia back then before they were "expelled" (apparently) and become an independent country in 1965.

So, Happy Malaysia Day to all Malaysian!! :)

This has lead me thinking. If Singapore didn't become an independent country (or forced to do then), will they became what they are now?

And if the answer is "NO", will Scotland be a better country if more than 50% of Scots vote "YES" this Thursday?

Let me caveat myself from the beginning. I am not a Scot nor a citizen of the UK. Whatever happen this Thursday has got nothing to do with me, my family and my future. I am just writing out my thought :)

So, back to the Scotland independent vote.

Being an avid reader on political news and happenings, what had happened for the past 2 weeks (in particular) really open up my mind.

A government can grant more power to another government.

There are two parliaments in the UK.

The Queen might lose her sovereignty on a country that HM "used to rule" but yet can't defend the lost (if it Scotland ever get independence).

And to my surprise, there are a lot of Scots that would not like Scotland to become independent.

Yes. My view is a YES vote if I were given a chance to vote.

The reason is very simple. Patriotism. How can one call a Scot if he/she doesn't want her country to be independent? In the era where tablets are selling more than PC, this really baffles me.

Chances are, the next 10 years or so after independence Scotland might not be "economically stable" compare to now. But with Scotland being an oil producing country, maybe they may not need 10 years to become an economically stable nation. Maybe they already are the day when their parliament can decide entirely what Scots can do in Scotland.

And the thought of having another referendum probably not in our generation but eventually will be is very counter productive. This means that Scotland will become and independent country, EVENTUALLY.

Like the Queen said in her timely Church session in Scotland last weekend, "...Vote carefully for the future...". And if the future it is to be voted, I would say, YES. Scotland should celebrate their independence day every year on the 18th Sept starting from 2014!

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