25 Mar 2015

Almost A Malaysian: Lee Kuan Yew

If you are like me the many fortunate ones who grew up in an era where the Malaysian politics hasn't "still"  amended history books or re-written what's black and white into grey, then you must have read a lot about Mr Lee Kuan Yew in your history lesson at school.

Yes.. Indeed in Malaysia you might not heard who is Tan Siew Sin or Lee San Choon or the matter of fact Onn Jaafar. But you must have heard about a guy who live just across the river and almost become a Malaysian. He is of course the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew who has recently pass away at the age of 91.

Who is he?

Well, in my increasingly vague memory of my history lessons almost 30 years ago, he is Singapore. Yup... Anything we read about him, good or bad, right or wrong, true or otherwise it's always about Singapore.

Remember the great "MRT"?
Remember the ban on chewing gum?
Even the crooked bridge has his "name" on it as well!

But way before all these, obviously what we read about him is about how he and Tunku Abdul Rahman had a great fall out and got Singapore expelled from the Malaysia Federation. It's only of recent readings that I found out that the expulsion was due to a race riot and Mr Lee didn't even want Singapore to be separated.

Oh boy... I couldn't imagine how Singapore would be if she's still in the Malaysia Federation. Perhaps Penang 2? Governed by DAP? :)

Looking back as a nation, I am sure Singaporeans have so much to thank this incredible "giant" despite what we read or heard about him on suppressing his political opponents.

While others might think why are they a Singaporean, all I have to say is being a Malaysian you would and should be glad that Mr Lee Kuan Yew was "Almost a Malaysian".

May you rest in peace Mr Lee.

Source: straitstimes.com

p/s: There is a special 24-page Straits Times tribute to Mr Lee which you can download at this link;


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5 Jan 2015

Resolution 2015: Irrelevancy

Welcome to 2015!

I think I must have said this before. Every year, I told myself to write more, but it seems that every year I have failed that simple resolution. Let’s hope this won’t happen in 2015.

It’s probably good to start with a resolution for 2015 and instead of writing and describing in a post, let’s describe it with a picture…

I just can’t see how 2015 won’t better 2014, especially in the work front. But let’s hope a better 2015 for me, and for all.