8 Mar 2014

Pray For MH370

All the prayers and thoughts for the families.

So far, no news yet. It may be good news. Fingers crossed.


7 Jan 2014

The One With the Word ALLAH in Malaysia...

Let me be naive and ask some childish questions. Are Muslims in Malaysia really threading in such a fine thread that a single word can change and alter one’s beliefs?

2) And if Catholics can proof that single word has been used 100s years ago in Malaysia and Muslims are claiming it now (note 1), how different are they compare to their claims that Israelis occupy “their” lands in Palestine? Hmmm....

3) I think the way this can be solved in Malaysia (fairly) is to either allow every religion and human beings to use that word. I am sure one's beliefs are not on a single word but on the teachings and inspiration one gets from that religion. Or to ban it all together for everyone all of us call our Almighty, Tuhan/God or whatever it is except that word.

4) Politics aside, I hope both sides of the Political party should make a bi-partisan decision for the sake of future generation in Malaysia. We do not want our children to use my favourite word when I was growing up, "...yah allllaaahhh...." and get caught because the word is EXCLUSIVE!!! :)

Good luck Malaysia.

1) Source: http://themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/priest-reveals-proof-christians-used-allah-before-merdeka

31 Dec 2013

The One With the Last One in 2013...

By the time this is published, Aukland has just celebrated the end of 2013!! ;)

Writing this entry this year maybe is slightly easier than other years as I look back the entire 2013 probably one (maybe 2) thing happened that dominated my 2013, the year of the Snake. The year this dude came into the World...

Something is fishy...


Enter the Parenthood.

You can imagine all you want, read all you can, listen everything possible. Nothing is going to be able to describe "that feeling" when you heard his first cry, in my case shout!. His first movement. His first feed. My first feed. His everything... In fact he is going to be our everything for the time being...

Not forgetting... :)

She has been wonderful, marvelous, tremendous, extraordinary and perfect mum from the beginning, even before he was born ;)

Browsing through my picture collection, found some previously unpublished pictures to loosely reminds me next time when I read this blog many years down the road what's 2013 is all about...


Where's my eyes??? As If I'm the father :)

Not often friends came from far east and far west meeting at GMT...

The Formation of CCC

The Flower on the Grass :)

Need some diet advise :)

Last but not least, wishing all my families and friends a wonderful New Year and and as always, stay healthy, stay safe. And whatever happens in 2014, look at him (at least for me ;) and everything will be alright... :)

Choon Heng.

26 Dec 2013

The One With Senyap Sunyi d' London, NO MORE...

Alrite... It has been many years that I have that privilege call "time" to drive out on a "senyap Sunyi" (quiet and lonely) street of London to take some nice peaceful shots of the London Eye...


NOT ANYMORE!!! And definitely never Senyap anymore and definitely not Sunyi ;)

(find the baby;)

Anyway, had a great Christmas party yesterday thanks to Wynn and Ken and hope we can organize the next Christmas gathering next year with our kid running around :)

P/S: Did we forget to take a group picture?

19 Dec 2013

The One With FRIENDS Reunion

(Source:http://gallifreyan.tumblr.com/image/36143314933 (this is a fake img fyi...and has nothing to do with Warners))

Believe it or not, I only started watching FRIENDS (the sitcom) when I first came to London, 2 years after the last episode has been broadcasted and 12 years from it's first!

But since then, I have to admit that I have watched it so many times, over and over again until I can recall what that episode is all about just by watching the first minute of that episode :) This is of course thanks to E4 in the UK had it played from 8pm everynight before they stop renewing their license :)

And it all makes sense to me why some of my friends in college behave certain ways and how they said certain words then, like the popular word "eeeewwwwwww...." or relation status = "complicated"...

I am a big fan of this show now and obviously when I first heard of a Friends Reunion (movie or season doesn't matter), I am as excited as Ross when he first met Rachel in the first episode...

Watching back all these episodes and occasionally saw some news on its star, I have to say some of them doesn't age as gracefully as others (aheeeemmm....Le Blanc). They might still have the charm and character to bring back the memories, I think they might have to do it really differently in order not to spoil the franchise.

Will the "Reunion" ever possible? Everything is possible!!!

Will it be a movie or an entire season? I guess the logical choice would be a movie. But judging from the response of the like of SITC, they might want to consider doing a whole season instead, or maybe both!

When will it be? My hunch... IF it ever happen, 2014 might be a "logical" year from the Marketing point of view. Imagine the tagline... "10 years from it's last episode..." ;) And if it doesn't happen in 2014, I strongly believe it will never going to happen.

Will there be like a new generation of FRIENDS? You mean like 90210? Why not! Everything is possible. But if I have any say in this, don't make the same mistake like 90210 did... It lost it's heritage!!! If they want to make a new generation of FRIENDS, why not make it base on the "actual next generation" of the original FRIENDS. Ross has Ben. Rachel has Emma. Phoebe has the triplets. And the Bings have the twins! They can easily be the next gen of the FRIENDS!

Alright... enough said. If Warners are reading this (as if they would), let's bring back FRIENDS in 2014!!!

(fingers' crossed).

(Picture source: wwws.br.warnerbros.com)